Pine County Sheriff’s Report: Cole Announces Retirement

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 at 8:15 am


  1. Craig Nelson 05/1/14 at 3:04pm

    Thank god! This is the best news I have heard in the past 3.5 years. Westbrook for sheriff!!!! Pine county needs a REAL leader not someone that lies every time they open their mouth! As a pine county resident for 18 years I have never known a worse sheriff then cole and I feel safer already knowing he will not be around much longer.

  2. jeff kuzel 05/3/14 at 12:48pm

    what happpened to the streaming audio for this weeks sheriff’s report? please put it back on here.

  3. jesse 05/5/14 at 7:06am

    Jeff, I don’t know what was happening when you were trying to listen, but we’ve never taken it down. I just checked right now and it seems to be working fine. Sorry for any troubles!

  4. Patti 05/5/14 at 10:32am

    I appreciate Sheriff Cole’s efforts to modernize and streamline policing in our county. Central/northern Pine County has better coverage now than ever. Four years ago fingerprints inside a burglarized home were seldom taken because few were trained; that has changed. Response time in my area is much improved. I wish him well in retirement and hope the next Sheriff continues to serve all of Pine County and not just the southern quarter.

  5. anonymous 05/5/14 at 12:28pm

    Totally unprofessional! He just belittled all you voters out there along with all our elected and formerly elected officials (plus himself, after all, he IS an ‘elected official.’) Glad he’s leaving. I wonder what he’s trying to cover up not wanting an outsider, and man of integrity, in to take his place? I highly doubt ‘Westbrook for Sheriff’ (I mean ‘team ticket taker’) would want the endorsement of a shady, arrogant man like that anyways.

  6. LIFELONG Pine City resident 05/5/14 at 2:13pm

    Matt Ludwig for Sheriff! And PTL that COLE is retiring. WHew!!

  7. Craig Nelson 05/6/14 at 3:32pm

    See patty it’s people like you that speak without knowledge of what is really taking place. Before cole there used to be 2 officers working your north area. Since cole took over there has only been ONE and that is the same for my house in pine city. If you think that’s better coverage then you need to A) go back to math class B) understand that he only says what he wants you to hear ( which are mostly lies) !and Anonymous, I wonder why he is leaving too….what is he trying to get away from before it makes the paper? Maybe Jesse should look into certain lawsuits the county taxpayers like Patty and I are paying for and will soon have to pay more for…..I bet he never told you about all the things he has swept under his dirty office rug. I hope the people take a serious look at the next sheriff they elect or that rug is going to get a lot more filthy. WESTBROOK FOR SHERIFF!

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