WCMP EXCLUSIVE: Faust Will Vote Yes For Same-Sex Marriage

Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 8:56 am

Rep. Tim Faust was back in studio on Monday morning to provide a legislative update. Rep. Faust, also a Lutheran pastor, talked extensively about his thought process on the same-sex marriage bill and told our Jesse Logan he believes the measure will pass. If so, same-sex marriage would be legalized in Minnesota on August 1.

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  1. julie 05/7/13 at 8:17am

    I guess your bible states marriage is between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. You have made a nasty, disgusting choice in voting for this. Who would think that a “man of God” would do this. Oh, I forgot, you are a liberal.

  2. Julie Werner 05/7/13 at 10:37am

    bad choice

  3. Connie 05/7/13 at 2:35pm

    Contrary to what Rep Faust is saying, churches at present are able to decide whether or not to conduct marriage ceremonies for homosexuals. He is blatantly and knowingly telling a lie.

  4. A mom & a Christian. 05/8/13 at 12:13pm

    @Connie: Agree. and 30 years ago my church would not marry my husband & I because I was protestant & he was Catholic. Isn’t that crazy? We were legally married but when we wanted to baptize our children I needed to convert to Catholic & believe it or not, actually get “married” again with witnesses and everything. That does not mean that for those first 10 years we were not married legally or in the eyes of God. Just the church and it’s archaic views.
    It’s about time this gets passed. The churches & Pastors can continue to make their own choices on who they marry. All Pastors can decide whether they want to marry a couple… This is about the civil law, and nobody is asking the churches to change their procedures.
    It’s about time this gets passed.

  5. A mom & a Christian. 05/8/13 at 12:15pm

    @ Julie. This isn’t about the Bible. It’s about civil rights. You can continue to believe what you want and the churches can continue to what they believe. Nobody is going to force you or anyone else to marry someone of the same sex if that is not your choice. The Government & the Church need to be separate. Last time I checked we were a Democracy not a Theocracy.
    And I am a Liberal, and a Christian. Shocking.

  6. Bob 05/9/13 at 11:28am

    A Mom who says She is a Christian. You are not a Christian if you believe against what Gods word says about Homosexualality! You can’t pick and choose what you want to believe and not believe when it comes to the Bible. Also you couldn’t be further from the truth, when you state that Pastors will still be able to decide who they Marry! Already in other states Pastors and Churches are getting in trouble for not marrying Gays! They are getting nailed because it is discrimanating not to marry Gays where it is legal! So this is way more than just gays getting married, As Gays are getting rights, others are losing theirs!

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