After Signing Bill On MNSURE, Dayton Thanks Sen. Lourey

Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 7:05 am

State Senator Tony Lourey had a lot on his plate during this legislative session. He was one of the key lawmakers who put together the state’s new health insurance exchange, now to be known as MNSURE.

On Wednesday, Gov. Dayton signed the bill and thanked those who helped create the legislation:

“This is a great day for the people of Minnesota. Today is a major step forward to improve the quality of health care and the affordability of health care and put the people of Minnesota and their interests in charge of our health care system. I want to specially thank Representative Joe Aitkins, and Senator Tony Lourey who sponsored the legislation. The House and Senate did a phenomenal job. During the whole process, when you think of all the committees it has gone through, how quickly and smooth, and the conference committee working its way out to move its way past both the House and Senate floor. We who stand here, legislators and any others too who stood up to some of the exaggerations that were part of the process going back to one of the important parts of the election. It’s unfortunate that how we can best provide health care to all the people of Minnesota can be such a starking partisan, political, ugly matter for the last year; the heat and the cerebral challenge of it. The people of Minnesota wanted better quality health care and better cost. This would change things to provide that. There are a number of organizations in support of this legislation, I mentioned just a few, but I thank all the help for putting this legislation through.”

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  1. julie 03/21/13 at 10:15pm

    He did not “thank ” people, he is critical again of those who wanted fiscal responsibility. He is an odd, rich man that always appears like a deer in the head lights. Hard to look at and even harder to listen too.

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