Hayward Woman Facing Charges For Texting Soon-To-Be Stepson

Friday, September 28th, 2012 at 7:45 am

A Hayward woman faces criminal charges for allegedly sending obscene and disturbing text messages to her soon-to-be stepson.

WQOW reports that a 12-year-old Eau Claire boy told police that his dad’s new fiance, Sandra Nelson, had been sending him multiple text messages. Nelson, 37, is accused of calling the boy obscene and hateful names. Investigators told WQOW that one of the messages told the boy to “rot in hell.”

Police say when they contacted Nelson by phone, she started swearing at the officer, called the boy an obscene name, and said she was not going to let a 12-year-old run her life.

Nelson is now charged with attempting to cause mental harm to a child, and using profane language in an electronic communication.


  1. Sandra church 01/19/13 at 2:06pm

    Umm yes I would like to comment…. This whole ordeal happened on September 3 rd 2012 and the messages were sent to the mother of the 12 year old boy and the man she is sleeping with! The mother has a HRO against her and is facing charges for using and abusing the legal system to get her way! She now has 5 criminal charges against her CHRISTI CHURCH and I plan to seek that this woman is either committed for her bipolar or locked up where she belongs!!
    Hope u like that one!!!

    Yours truly!!

  2. James church 01/19/13 at 4:50pm

    This is all bogus! My ex wife Christi is the one who lied my wife didn’t send those messages to the kid, they were meant for my ex wife and her man she is sleeping with! My ex now faces huge charges for breaking a HRO in sawyer county for sending emails to my wife threatening to kill her and her kids! I hope they lock the bitch up and throw away the key!

    James church

  3. Amanda jean 01/19/13 at 4:54pm

    NO THIS ISN’T THE WAY THE STORY HAPPENED AT ALL!! I was at the house that night!! Everyone lied for her so she could get her child to live with her! We no longer talk to these people christi and mike because they are trouble!! Christi church had been charged 5 times for threatening to kill 3 people! Her court date is the 28 th!! Good riddens to her!

  4. Lisa Zimmerman 07/2/13 at 12:48pm

    I know michael and don’t really know his mother but what I can say is that Christi used the system to get her way. Why she not jailed for misusing the legal system is beyond me!! They both have mental issues and should be locked up for good! Christi church is a whore and gets engaged to every guy in eau Claire wi! She even sleeps with married men and we can name 3 !

  5. james church 02/6/14 at 7:15pm

    She will get hers again soon