Dayton Signs Stadium Bill, Vetoes Tax Bill

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 7:13 am

The Minnesota Legislative session may have ended, but Governor Mark Dayton is still busy singing and vetoing bills that had passed through both houses before the gavel fell.

The second attempt by Minnesota Republicans to craft a tax-cut bill has met the same fate as the first. Dayton vetoed the tax cut legislation on Monday, saying sponsors of the bill didn’t abide by his requirement that the cuts be paid for in future years and not add to a projected deficit. The Associated Press reports that Dayton also took issue with the mix of tax breaks, saying businesses made out far better than homeowners.

State GOP Chairman Pat Shortidge told the AP that the bill would have helped Minnesota’s economy grow and put people back to work.

In striking the bill down, Dayton had to sacrifice some of his own priorities. The bill contained a tax credit to encourage companies to hire unemployed veterans. It also would have boosted credits meant to spur investment in start-up companies.

While Dayton vetoed that tax cut bill, he did sign the Minnesota Vikings Stadium bill on Monday bringing to an end the decade long saga revolving around the situation. Dayton signed the bill to cheers Monday during a ceremony attended by the Wilf’s, who own the franchise, and several key legislators.

The team hopes to be in its new stadium on the site of the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis by 2016.


  1. Mainstream1 05/15/12 at 10:18am

    No doubt about it, our DFL Governor’s priority is an out-of-state corporate interest (Mr. Wilf), while the priorities of the Republican Legislative majority is veterans, families and main street businesses. It’s really a mystery why Gov. Dayton would strike down a tax bill that would have helped so many Minnesota citizens.

  2. Tom 05/15/12 at 5:37pm

    as any good republican knows you dont want to tax the rich as they create some many jobs they are always hiring. O I forgot to say I have been unemloyed for four years and am looking for one of those republican jobs they create by not being taxed.

  3. jesse 05/16/12 at 7:19am

    While I have traditionally voted with conservatives, Tom raises a very good point here. As an ex-small business owner, any tax relief I felt was quickly reinvested back into my own tools/equip and debt relief. Getting a larger tax return would help my construction business get off to a strong start every spring, but I hired people when an increase in demand for my services went up. Cutting taxes alone doesn’t create jobs. Just like raising revenue alone doesn’t balance budgets. When the people of our state and country finally demand that our legislators make compromises, we may get somewhere. Until then, the polarization of these political parties will keep most of us broke and arguing.

  4. PC Mom 05/16/12 at 11:23am

    Well said Jesse. What many people do not realize is that the Viking stadium is not just money handed over to Wilf, but it will create many jobs and much tax revenue to keep the state going. Not to mention all the small businesses the presence of the stadium & team continues to benefit. Definitely, whether conservative or liberal the blinders need to come off and people need to start thinking and not just listen to the rhetoric of either party.

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