Pine County Sheriff’s Report Replay

Thursday, April 12th, 2012 at 1:03 pm

Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole had his weekly report again today and had some amazing stories to tell our listeners about arrests made in Pine County over the previous week.


  1. jim 04/12/12 at 8:47pm

    What a classless thing to say over the airwaves by Cole. Calling the women basically ugly is so unprofessional. A comedian you are not, and you aren’t exactly George Clooney! Stick to the facts!

  2. Heidi 04/13/12 at 4:45pm

    How terrible for a person of authority to be so rude and crule! WHY is it important to describe the land and homes,and what a persons appearance is. That has nothing to do with the report. Your job is to report the value of the drugs found, or other things that are unlawful. How very unprofessional! I believe the report is the Sheriff’s report and NOT the sheriff’s opinion!

  3. Thank you Sheriff 04/14/12 at 10:29am

    There is nothing wrong with describing the scene for the listeners. We now get accurate reports of what is happening in the county and I enjoy hearing that our Sheriff’s Office is doing something about the crime in our county. THANK YOU SHERIFF COLE
    Heidi and Jim, where were your critical comments about the Sheriff’s report when our former inadequate Sheriff was spouting rediculous advice for the citizens and never giving any real information on what was going on in the county, because he had no clue! Go put your heads back in the sand.

  4. Hometown Girl 04/14/12 at 11:06am

    Heidi & Jim, I completely agree. Unprofessional, elementary mentality of the sheriff. This has Nothing at all to do with the former sheriff- Heidi & Jim said nothing about the former sheriff- thus is about expecting professionalism of the current Regime. He is a media hound , and very juvenile. That is a dangerous combination for some one in power!

  5. jane 04/14/12 at 7:49pm

    Wow, I would have to agree that this was pretty unprofessional. Describing a situation and basically making rude sexual and demeaning statements about a women are two separate things…guess my head is in the sand as well!

  6. J.W. 04/15/12 at 2:10pm

    So you’d all rather listen to a robotic style report without any emotions or detail? You must be the few people who listen to the computerized MNDOT forecast instead of human weather reports.

  7. sick of sour mouth 04/16/12 at 4:38pm

    Did not your mother teach you beauty is skin deep! I do not agree of what they did. But for god sake have a little professionalism to your words.I hope you never have to be judge in a beauty contest judged on looks alone and as for putting water in the officers eyes to clean them out YOU need soap in your mouth!!!

  8. Marti 04/18/12 at 4:56pm

    What a disgrace to the law enforcement profession and as a citizen of Pine County I am embarrasses of the content of this interview. Our Sheriff is supposed to be a role model and prominent figure. I don’t agree with the crimes they may have committed either, however judging peoples looks is Not part of your job. We grow up to teach our children to be honest, law biding, caring people with integrity and morals. Not to bash and disgrace others no matter what the situation is. These people have families with feelings also. So saying what you did Robin Cole about that lady is unjust and uncalled for you should be ashamed. I believe a public apology is in order.

  9. C.P. 04/19/12 at 11:39am

    I totally agree with Marti, well said. The Sheriffs’ spouting off at the mouth will likely land him in some hot water if he keeps up with his graphic and unneeded commentary. Stick to the facts. This isn’t a Jock Shock morning radio show. Sheriff, you want respect and credibility, then show some decorum.

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