Commissioners Pangerl, Hallan Discuss Controversial Vote On Tuesday Night (Audio)

Friday, March 9th, 2012 at 11:55 am

During Tuesday night’s meeting of the Pine County Board, a controversial topic came up for discussion. In a document provided to us by the Pine County Sheriff’s office we learned of a woman named Carrie Major, who stated that after a 2005 arrest, her vehicle was impounded by the Pine County Sheriff’s office and was later sold without her permission.

The document states that Ms. Major filed a claim in District Court to have her vehicle returned and in 2007 she won a judgement ordering that the vehicle be returned or compensation be made. Sheriff Robin Cole stated in this document that Ms. Major had approached then Sheriff Mark Mansavage in 2007 about this matter and that Mansavage refused to honor the judgement and pay her the $1225 according to the judgement.

On Tuesday night a vote took place in which this topic was the central issue. Commissioner Mitch Pangerl voted to pay Major the money the judgement said she was owed. Commissioner Pangerl spoke with our Jesse Logan about the topic and said that the County Attorney had advised the board that “this was a liability if (the board) didn’t pay it.” Pangerl also said the County Administrator said “this is just going to go back in the file where it’s been the last five years.”

Pangerl said a motion was made to deny the claim, and although a majority went the opposite direction, he voted against it. Pangerl said he believed the board’s vote violated Ms. Major’s 7th Ammendment rights.

Here is Pangerl’s entire interview with our Jesse Logan.

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When reached for comment, Commisioner Steve Hallan declined to go on air but said that he believed the vote had more to do with who would pay the claim, not whether the claim would be paid. Hallan said that since the the Sheriff’s Office received the monies from the sale of the vehicle initially, he believed the money should come out of the Sheriff’s $8 million budget.

According to all parties, the judgement has been signed by Judge James Reuter.

Commissioner Hallan said he believes the matter will be resolved at the next board meeting and also noted that he believes the bigger issue at the board meeting the other night revolved around the out-of-state trip expenses approved by Sherriff Cole that weren’t approved by the board.

Sheriff Cole addressed both topics at the end of Thursday’s Pine County Sheriff’s Report.


  1. Way to Go!! 03/9/12 at 7:06pm

    WOW—Way to go Commissioners, I smell a lawsuit coming against us, thank you!—Some of you look like fools more and more each week. Do any of you know what you are doing? Do you look into anything before you vote against it to see if what you are doing is legal or allowed? Why do you feel you can control everything, right down to peoples rights to due process? You are not above any law, you are in office at the will of the people to take care of things yet, you don’t even know what you are doing. Did you even ask the County Atorney before you voted “No”. I see your Appointed County Administrator wants to bury it, even he doesn’t seem to know that you are REQUIRED to follow the law.
    Two of you are up for election this year, GOOD LUCK. Perhaps you should think about not running–to busy with other things is a good way to bow out…

    1. Stomp on peoples rights
    + 2. Don’t know what to do-
    + 3. Violate lawful Judgement-
    Perhaps crimnal charges should be brought against you. Violation of Constitutional rights.

    If it was me I would be filing a criminal complaint with the federal courts ASAP.

    The people of Pine County deserve better than you!

  2. settle down 03/12/12 at 8:08am

    I sure hope the county commissioners work to real in this new sheriff and his posse. Appears he can do whatever he wants, along with his little lap doggy Mitch Pangerl. Mr. Sheriff needs to get off his vendetta against Mark Mansavage. looks like he does whatever he wants and against the boards approval. He should remember that the county commissioners are his bosses, not the other way around!

  3. Shame on you Pine County 03/13/12 at 6:20am

    To the idiot that goes by the name SETTLE DOWN….. Sometime you should try to listen to the tapes that are recorded on Red Rock on Air….. Do the Words State Statue mean anything to you ??? The Commissioners set his budget….. He can spend his budget however he deems neccessary. Sending a Jail Supervisor to Vegas because it had cheaper airfare and cheaper hotel accomadations…… The convention he went to in Chicago, they used that money to pay for their airfare, accommadations and the cost of the convention (they did NOT take their perdium)….. Mr. Pangerl is the only Commissioner who stands up for his people. Why shouldn’t Ms. Major get her money back ??? Money that a Judge awarded her because the County never showed up for the court hearing to defend their stance on the matter. I applaud the comments of WAY TO GO…… Hopefully more of our good people of Pine County realize the problem starts with the Commissioners and we have to ability to VOTE them out at the next election

  4. Settle Down 03/13/12 at 8:04am

    Shame, you really do need to settle down… don’t risk a stroke here. The sheriff can also be voted out as well.

  5. Indeed 03/13/12 at 9:07am

    Settle down – it would be reel in, not real in.

    If Sheriff Cole is citing state statutes it would be imperative of him to share the statutes and rules that dictate his authority rather than alluding to them. Also that information should have been readily communicated and presented at his meeting with the commissioners regarding his budget, that would avoided the contentious situation the county is currently in.

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