Pine County Sheriff’s Report Streaming!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at 8:24 am

The Pine County Sheriff’s Report with Robin Cole was back on this morning, and some tough topics were tackled. Sheriff Cole has come under fire recently for training out-of-state expenditures he didn’t get approved by the the Pine County Board. Cole explained how he is following state statute.

Cole also told our audience about a recent decision the board made that appears to be in direct conflict with a judges order.

Those topics plus the usual report all right here!


  1. Julie 03/8/12 at 10:06pm

    I knew this was going to happen. He has all these “expensive” ideas of what Pine County should have. Really. It’s a joke wanting to have yet another police station (Hinckley) in our county. That’s expensive. It’s our money county board members not yours or the Sheriff’s. Why dont you tell him to quit spending. Ask Robin if everytime he doesn’t get his way if he is going to try and have someone charged or investigated. What amounted to the “corrupt” police department? One by one he is going after the county board. Does he have his “good ol’ boy club watching you now? Isn’t all this getting WIERD!!!! Who next, the judges?

  2. Jarvis Lafever 03/9/12 at 3:52pm

    Jule you have a small brain, you should think before you say stupid stuff, go to the state auditor’s website and see the follwing:
    2004 PC sheriff over budget 800,000 plus
    2005 200,000 over budget
    2006 350,000 over budget
    2007 400,000 over budget
    2008 300,000 over budget and so on and so on

    whatever “ideas” were going through the mind of the past sheriff were obviously far more “expensive” than ANYTHING COLE has come up with….where were any of you when all that “tax” money was wasted…..You should be embarrassed…..Hinckley deserves just as much police service as where you live…

  3. Trisha N 03/9/12 at 4:23pm

    I can not believe this guy keeps getting his way. He was approved to go out of state for training? I am sure isn’t he PINE COUNTY which is in MN? Why does he need to go out of state for that? Mansavage was denied when he requested this while in office, but since Cole is so scary and everyone is afraid to say “Boo” to him they give him whatever he wants?! THIS IS INSANE!!

    It is time for the county board members to step up and say enough is enough…this is our tax payer dollars being spent on ridiculous trips, which could be avoided and the county could save alot of money if they learn the word “No”. I can’t wait til someone in a position of authority tells him No. You vote for your county board members, people, think about this when you go to the polls next time.

  4. very concerned citizen 03/9/12 at 4:43pm

    Julie the best thing about our sheriff and our county concerning the “good ol boy club” that everyone keeps referring to is that if you look at the most recent 14 deputies that he hired over 3/4 of them are either friends with the chief/sheriff, they have relatives that have worked with the chief/sheriff from their minneapolis days or they have ex-boyfriends/spouses ect.. that are friends with the chief/sheriff. Tell me that’s not “the good ol’ boy club”. I also feel SO MUCH SAFER to know that the newest of the new deputies are being trained by some deputies that have as little as 5 MONTHS EXPERIENCE AND ARE NOT EVEN TRAINED IN TRAINING! Talk about liability. And he wonders why over 30 of his employees have left (not fired) LEFT…? And he wonders why certain questions are asked about expenditures and ridiculous turn over rates…its because he is NOT LIKED. Its time the truth is told about this guy and what he is doing to the sheriffs office WE PAY FOR IN OUR TAXES. Im sure there will be the usual idiots that respond on this website with worthless chatter about how great he is and how bad mansavage was. We are over that and moving on now. We have a bigger problem to take care of. 3 years cannot come soon enough!

  5. Pine Co Transplant 03/9/12 at 7:17pm

    Do you have a clue Julie. Our current Sheriff has done a better job of getting Officers to do thier jobs, keeping his budget under control, he is repairing relationships with citizens and much more. He is exposing corruption that happened before he was elected and has to clean up. GET A CLUE….. here’s one for your little mind, our former Sheriff was horrible at his job, incompetent and was great at pulling the wool over everyones eyes. Our current Sheriff gives everyone the full story on everything, good or bad.

  6. Pine Co. Resident. Not a Transplant 03/12/12 at 8:13am

    I also find it rather strange that we needed this new multi-million dollar courthouse, and now that the new Sheriff/(Nazi) is in charge, he has taken over the Health & Human offices for storage? The health & Human services department moves back to the old courthouse, – why couldn’t they use the old jail for storage. Because the new sheriff is either his way or the highway. County Commissoners… PLEASE STAND your ground against this Sheriff.

  7. lib minded Hinckleyite 03/12/12 at 9:50am

    Funny how the board tries to tell Cole what he can’t spend his budget on such as training (and some trainings are actually cheaper to attend out of state than paying to have them brought to this state, especially if they involve Federal requirements), yet when something like this judgment is brought forth, most of our board members duck the issue by saying it’s the Sheriff’s problem! Seriously Pine County–pull your heads out of the sand! The board has fought tooth and nail over Cole’s budget and tried to micromanage the Sheriff’s Department so that it suits THEIR needs, not ours. Keep fighting, Robin–I for one see many good changes that you’ve fought hard for.

  8. Pine Co. Resident. Not a Transplant 03/12/12 at 1:49pm

    Is one of the good changes moving a whole department back into the old courthouse for storage? Isn’t that quite expensive “storage” space? There’s a whole jail sitting empty that could be used for storage. yes, Pine County we need to pull our heads out of the sand and stop listening to this media hungry new sheriff.

  9. Pam 03/12/12 at 3:35pm

    Why don’t those in favor of Robin claim your postion by putting you name behind it? I know why those who don’t agree with Robin or his position wouldn’t because of retaliation. Some people don’t care who is the Sheriff, I am sick of paying county money to the sheriff’s department for protection, paying again out of city taxes and then paying again for the school to have a liason officer. Maybe we should have the posse do the work for free and then lessen the overall sheriff budget all together. Sounds like he is training citizens to do the job of cops. Which brings up another financial question, does the county hold liablity insurance on all posse members? Are they all insured to drive county cars? County Board should be going over his budget with a fine tooth comb. They should be going over every budget with a fine tooth comb.

  10. Shame on you Pine County 03/13/12 at 5:58am

    Come on people……. Are you serious ??? Sheriff Cole has done more for Pine County in the short term than the previous administration did during their entire term/terms. VERY CONCERNED CITIZEN…. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BACKSIDE !!! I personally know one of Sheriff Cole’s new Sgts. There is nobody I trust more than this Sgt with protecting my family and our County. He has been a valued member of the Sheriff’s Dept. for over 10 years. He takes his job of protecting us to a much higher level as he has served our country as a member of our National Guard and left his wife and daughters behind when he was called to duty in Iraq and Afghanastan……How can you not feel safe having someone like this protecting you ???? He was here before Sheriff Cole took office so he is NOT a member of the so called “Good Old Boy Club” It sounds like it’s our County Commissioners who need to wake up and smell the coffee…. I am NOT a member of the Sheriff Cole Fan Club. In fact, for personal reasons, I will NOT put him up on a pedistal like some people have…….. I will support the man because I have seen a lot of good things happen in Pine County since he has taken office. I just won’t invite him over for dinner….

  11. very concerned citizen 03/13/12 at 8:34am

    Shame, I think you need to re-read what was posted. I mentioned nothing in regards to officers who were hired prior 1.3 years ago. I think you are the one that needs to get his/her head out of your backside. Think, before you speak.

    Such an educated society we will live.

  12. Shame on you Pine County 03/13/12 at 3:52pm

    Very Concerned,
    Your right, you didn’t mention anything in regards to officers with experience…… The officer I am talking about TRAINS these new deputies, and he is trained to be a TRAINER…….From the state auditors website, the previous administrations (2004-2008), were over budget close to 2 million dollars. People are so quick to jump to conclusions without getting the facts. Robin has been on air letting everyone know that his admistration is UNDER their budget, yet people are screaming about how much he is spending. I personally don’t care if the whole sheriff’s dept are friends or people that they worked with before. If they do a better job keeping our county safe, why should we care if they know one another. It kind of reminds me of a professional coaches job. After he is hired he brings in people that he is familiar with to make the team run smoothly. Sheriff Cole has cleaned house. He has replaced members from the last few administrations who were probably resposible for some of that 2 million of our tax dollars.

  13. Keeping this in Perspective 03/14/12 at 7:45am

    In response to Pam….
    Yes, the sheriff does have liability insurance on all his posse members and before they are allowed to drive any of the county vehicles, they have to take a defensive driving course. In response to Very Concerned… Try comparing the sheriff to a new head coach of any professional sports team. When he takes over the responsibility of the team, he brings in his own people that he feels comfortable with to get the job done. The sheriff is doing the same thing. Why should you care if he brings in people from his previous job as long as they achieve the goal of protecting the people of Pine County ??? I was reading the story regarding Carrie Major and a gentleman suggested everyone look at the State Auditor website. There you will find out that from 2004-2008 the previous administrations were close to $2,000,000.00 over budget. Sheriff Cole has kept his expenses under the $8,000,000.00 he was budgeted by the County Commissioners yet people are still complaining about him not getting their approval for training. I think I know this new Sgt. that Shame on you is talking about. This Sgt. has been involved in all sorts of training and no doubt went through the courses to be a licensed instructor for these new deputies. Instead of worrying about the new sheriff who is bringing his own people or listening to all the “Good Old Boys” (Mitch Pangerl excluded)that are our County Commissioners, whining about the sheriff not getting their permission for training expenses. You should worry about where that $2,000,000.00 from the previous administrations went…..

  14. paulywogg 03/20/12 at 10:31am

    Wow… you comment people realy attack each other..IF you don’t know all the fact’s to what you are arguing about, you might not want to post opinion,and if there is argue over transparency why not I.D. yourselves?..And also by definition, I like Posse vs. Patrol…By doing my own comparison it appears the Pine County Sheriff’s department is heading in the right direction.And to everyone talking about bigfoot……”It was just me, trying to get an early tan”..Lets all have a fun and safe summer!

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