Forest Lake Police Kill 2 Deer Local Family Was Keeping As Pets

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 6:59 am

A Forest Lake family is upset after two fawns they kept as pets on their property were shot by a police officer.

The Forest Lake Police Department said the officer was acting on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, who believed the two fawns posed a health risk to other animals.

On Jan. 3, police say they received an email from the DNR notifying them of two collared deer near the area of Highway 97 and North Shore Trail. The email advised officers to shoot the deer if they were located, saying they were likely captured and collared illegally.

Around 7 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 14, an officer said he almost hit the two deer while driving near that location. The officer noticed the deer were wearing collars, as stated in the DNR email. He removed his department-issued shotgun and shot the first deer. The second deer ran into the backyard of a home on North Shore Trail. The officer said he followed the deer and shot it. He said both deer were shot about 50 to 60 yards from the residence of the family that had been keeping the deer.

The family keeping the annimals were distraught over the shootings, but the DNR defends the decision saying annimals that have been kept in captivity often carry diseases that can spread to the regular population of deer if they wander into the wild


  1. PRIVATE CITIZEN 01/17/12 at 5:03pm



    Now Forest Lake police are using their legal weapons to kill. This time they shot to fauns being cared for by a local man. These fauns had collars on them and names. They were absolutely no threat to society WHAT SO EVER. The Forest Lake police just walked on private property, hauled out their guns and shot.

    They used the DNR rules to justify the cold-blooded shooting on land that was privately owned. Two helpless baby dear were slaughtered by police who use weapons to solve problems instead of good judgment, logic, practical problem solving methods and humane solutions for PROBLEMS THAT DON’T EXIST. Police do this because the system says it’s O.K. to use COLD BLOODY FORCE AGAINST HELPLESS INNOCENT VICTIMS.

    What ever happened to the Andy Mayberry’s and the good old days when people and animals had rights. Andy Mayberry would never walk on a mans property, haul out his gun and shoot to kill helpless animals.

    What is the News Media and Animal protection organizations going to do to police and police departments who continue to shoot helpless animals. WHEN IS ENOUIGH ENOUGH????????

  2. Another private and concerned citizen 01/17/12 at 10:16pm

    Best to vaccinate, spay, neuter, microchip AND keep your dogs and cats by your side or in your hone – they could be next!

  3. Lisa 04/19/12 at 2:15pm

    The officer who shot those two fuans should be shot himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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