Minnesota DNR To Raise Fees?

Monday, January 16th, 2012 at 7:23 am

Minnesota’s DNR and sportsmen’s groups are planning a new push to get the Legislature to raise hunting and fishing license fees in the state. The worry is that without such a raise, a key fund is headed for insolvency sooner than expected.

The Game and Fish Fund, which supports extensive outdoor programs, is due to go into the red in mid-2013. That’s about a year earlier than expected when DNR officials first proposed higher license fees a year ago.

The fees haven’t changed since 2001.

The DNR reports that revenue will be down $7.6 million from what was forecast for three reasons. The state government shutdown cost the DNR about $2.2 million in lost fishing and hunting license sales, ongoing revenue from hunting and fishing license sales is projected at $1.1 million less than before, and the state’s share of projected revenues from federal excise taxes on tackle and other items is down $4.3 million.

The DNR is proposing a long list of fee increases including raising the cost of adult fishing licenses, individual deer licenses, and nonresident licenses as well.


  1. Mainstream1 01/16/12 at 9:33am

    It’s disappointing to see the organized sportsman groups become just another entitlement class with its hand out begging for more money. Here’s a novel idea. How about people pay for their own entertainment, whether it be professional football, hunting, fishing, trails, or the arts, and stop the government subsidies?

    The DNR has been spending money for years on trying to get more people hunting and fishing, with few results to show for it. Maybe its time the DNR face reality and scale back its operations accordingly, instead of buying up more and more land it can’t take care of.

  2. enough 01/23/12 at 4:50am

    where did the sales tax increase percentage go? once again,proud to be american, ashamed of my government,let’s make it to expensive to bring our kids out fishing,it’s a great slogan.

  3. enough 01/23/12 at 5:04am

    Some locals have suggested that increasing their tax burden to fund the arts is unacceptable when tax dollars currently fund projects such as the Franconia Sculpture Park, which includes works such as what locals call “The Big Poo”. ****what about the lottery money? just the sales tax increase cost the average family $60 a year. for some not much ,for some $60 can be 3 weeks of food.

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