Braham Teacher Accused Of Fondling Student

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 8:06 am
A Braham gym teacher is accused of fondling a teen student and is now facing charges.

Gym teacher Christopher Vavre, 24, is facing two counts of criminal sexual misconduct. Vavra works at Braham High School, and is well known in the community.

According to the criminal complaint, a girl under the age of 16 says Vavre kissed her and touched her inappropriately during school hours.

KSTP reports that the school district has placed Vavre is on administrative leave.

Vavra is a 2005 graduate of Braham Area High School, and was a key contributor on the 2004 and 2005 state championship boys basketball teams. He was also a stand-out athlete at Bethel University, and graduated in May 2010 with a BA in physical education and health.


  1. Sue Larson 11/29/11 at 9:59am

    I have two children in the braham high school and one in the elementary…WHY is this the first I have heard of this? This makes me sick to my stomach…makes me want to go to the school right now and demand to know what is going on. Granted my two in the high school are boys, but my daughter will be there in a few years. What is wrong with people? These are our children, we trust the schools with out children during the day…how do we survive finacially if we are scared to send our children to the one place we should be able to trust them at? How?

  2. Liz 11/29/11 at 12:26pm

    I can’t help but believe this could have been prevented very easily. Why did the girl let him get close enough to kiss and touch her in the first place? She allowed him to enter her personal space then to enter intimate space? Why didn’t she push him away once he entered personal? I may be wrong but I feel like sometimes girls get a crush on a man either make a move or allow a move to be made because they are curious then afterwards have something simular to buyers remorse. Just because the person is a minor doesn’t always mean they are completely innocent. Yes the teacher should have never done this but what if she also played a role here? Why did she not only let him enter personal space.. but then to allow him to lay a hand on her and get into her intimate space… what the heck… on a different subject. Men are so visually wired. What is the dress code of this school? Did he feel like she was inviting him to do this?

  3. Liz 11/29/11 at 12:31pm

    Also being well known and having a role to play in sports championships, coming from a Christian college, and being a stand up guy has nothing to do with this. I don’t like how the media adds metals to one person involved then fails to mention details about the other person involved. It’s like they are trying to say he is even more of a bad person because he came from a Christian home and did well in sports then went and touched someone. That shouldn’t be added to the story at all.

  4. A mom 11/29/11 at 3:00pm

    Remember that this has been alleged. Do we know for sure this young person is telling the truth. Before everyone panics and takes thier preteens out of school, let the investigation take place and determine if there is truth to this.

  5. doesnt matter 11/29/11 at 9:40pm

    I honestly find this hard to believe. He is such a good guy, and would never do this.

  6. jesse 11/30/11 at 7:12am

    Sorry Liz, his history at the school is part of the story because it’s all intertwined. He was a former star athlete from the school, who came back as a gym coach.

    All people are innocent until proven guilty.

    This story just states that Vavra has been accused and is facing charges.

    Other media outlets chose to run more lurid details of the case. We have opted just to cover the basic charges and allow the legal process to run it’s course.

  7. NOT a Braham Resident 11/30/11 at 8:11am

    I hope this girl never reads the things you people (with the exception of Jesse, who is obviously affiliated with the website) are saying. The purpose of an investigation is to find out the truth. If the accused is not guilty, I certainly hope that comes out, and yes, his background is applicable because it shows that he can be committed and responsible. In light of the allegations and admittance of the coach at Penn State, however, education and history does not indicate good intentions or good behavior. Bottom line? If he is guilty, you all have publicly shown disbelief in a young girl. Liz I don’t know who you think you are saying that someone that young and innocent should have known when to push someone out of her space. So if she pushed him out of her space, then his immoral intentions are absolved, right? Until this point, if she was in fact violated in some way, she could have been quite innocent before this and should not have known “boundaries” yet. She does now. We teach our children to trust in educators, so it stands to reason that she wouldn’t have expected that from him, as his role as a gym teacher often involves direct physical contact.

    In any case, I hope the truth comes out and the innocent party can move on from this. I would hate to have a daughter in your town, and if it were me, I’d move out of there in a heartbeat. I only stumbled upon this article, and I feel like you people should disband and disburse. What an awful community. Let the legal system do its job and THEN start placing blame.

  8. lib minded Hinckleyite 11/30/11 at 9:44am

    So agree with NOT a Braham Resident–Liz, blaming the victim in this is just a reverse of what you accuse the media of doing to this teacher. Let the courts determine the facts of the case. Sexual abuse of a child should NEVER be blamed on the child. Claiming that she somehow “brought on” the assault by what she did or did not do, wore or did not wear, is perverse. It would be like absolving a thief of car theft because the victim left the car running with the keys in the ignition. Just because the opportunity to commit a crime is there, does not mean a criminal has to take advantage of that opportunity.
    Also, please be aware that even if the court cannot find adequate proof that the defendant committed the crime, it does not mean that the crime did not happen. Our system is based on “proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” and unfortunately in these cases there tends to be a lot of “reasonable doubt” because the only witnesses are usually the victim and the defendant. The people that make up juries, like Liz, tend to have their own pre-conceived notions and ideas about sexual assault or abuse, and it is difficult to put those notions aside to truly evaluate the evidence. Consideration needs to go to both sides of this case, and understanding, respect, and kindness should be shown to this young girl as well no matter what the outcome of this case happens to be.

  9. GT 11/30/11 at 10:03am

    Copy and paste this site if you want more info.

  10. No one. 11/30/11 at 12:01pm

    Is the Liz that is commenting Liz Anderson? If so, just because you are friends with the Vavra family and you think he would never do such a thing, does not mean he wouldn’t. And don’t try to put everything on the girl that filed the criminal complaint. ESPECIALLY when you do not know the whole entire story.

  11. Braham needs a reality check! 11/30/11 at 9:00pm

    This school has had many BAD issues lately – a former teacher is already serving prison time for sexual perversions. Another coach is on leave for stealing, and is facing 6 counts of felony theft, they also have bullying issues there as well. And in the article it talks about he must stay away from mood altering drugs and alchol. Are we to assume that this individual was under the influence? Why did the superintedent and principle not do anything if he was? Why are these people not screened and back ground checks taking place – I think the police needs to go into that school and do a background checks on EVERY individual there, wheather they have been there 1 yr or 20 – no one is exempt, our schools are suppose to be safe and we are suppose to trust these people with our kids. These people are replaceable. Why is this school only filled whith gays and perverts? wow. Abuse should not be tolerated! Do they not care? And why such a hush-hush attitude? People need to say when abuse is happening and not hide it. I hope from this day on, that this school puts in a NO CONTACT RULE among staff and students, no coach should ever touch someone of the opposite sex under any circumstance…this school needs help and EVERY ooach and teacher needs to be checked and double checked, not only upon hire, but every so often randomly throughout their career there, so much we never really know about someone. Who can we trust anymor?

  12. Braham Resident 11/30/11 at 9:24pm

    Braham remains a great community! We have some of the most remarkable graduates. We claim a Lieutenant
    Governor, several doctors, pharmacists, ministers, aerospace engineers, accountants and PhD’s in many fields to just name a few. We have hard working volunteers that last year donated over twenty thousand hours to the community of Braham. I would encourage readers to not base your opinion of Braham solely on this incident with this teacher and one student. Thank you.

  13. another headline story, oh my 11/30/11 at 11:34pm

    well guess we all know that braham likes to be in the news, good or bad it seems – as long as it’s a headline story they are happy. wow, this is sad. I hope the truth is told soon, because I bet there is more to this story than we are being told. braham seems to have secrets, so much horrible news lately out of that town. so very sad to those associated with that area.

  14. Unbelievable Attitudes... 12/1/11 at 6:29am

    Here I go with MY belief. First and foremost, do not put any blame on the City of Braham or the school district itself. The blame lays solely on each and every individual that chooses to commit such horrible crimes. Just because Braham is a small community we do tend to get in the limelight a bit more. HOWEVER-If you take the statistics into hand, I am pretty sure that larger communities which don’t tend to make the news have by far worse things happening in them then the tiny town of Braham. The school district here is an amazing one and any person in his/her right mind would know that background checks MUST be done on every teacher, volunteer and anyone in direct contact with students . IF this did happen, he will get what is coming to him, if not then people just need to let it go. Braham itself had absolutely nothing to do with any decision that ANYONE makes or has made. Don’t cut the City down because of peoples ignorance and stupidity.

  15. A mom 12/1/11 at 10:23am

    Well, after reading the Isanti County News, which had much more information I think this young girl is a hero. I’ve always thought that there is that risk of these young teachers crossing over the line. Maybe the first few years of teaching there should be some major counseling and training involved for any new young teachers. The difference in age can sometimes be very little, and there can be too much temptation for abuse. Good job, young lady- sorry this happened to you, but you be O.k., and know you did the right thing!

  16. former cambridge strudent and friend 12/1/11 at 4:31pm

    i was a former friend of chris when he first went to cambridge. i’m shocked and saddened at the same time. people can accuse this girl but she did the right thing by telling. teachers shouldn’t use their authority to abuse kids. people can say he is a good guy but he did something wrong and needs to be punished. even knwing him and playing sports with him at cambridge i still think who ever breaks the law needs to own up to their mistakes and pay the consequences.

  17. Who Cares 12/1/11 at 7:22pm

    Ironic he graduated from Bethel University, a Christian school. Not saying that he is without a doubt guilty, but, I still find it interesting.

  18. Anon 12/2/11 at 3:07am

    Saying the school is filled with gays and then complaining about abuse? Take a look in the mirror and get back on topic if you want to talk about this situation.

  19. concerned parent 12/2/11 at 3:11pm

    Dear Braham needs a reality check:
    Last time I checked it is extremely prejudice to find to ostrisze gays in this way. There are many members of the gay community who are wonderful teachers it should be a case by case situation and though I’m not sure of the case details I find you a ignorant bystandard for sexual orientation in the case at hand!

  20. concerned parent 12/2/11 at 3:13pm

    Ignorance breeds ignorance.

  21. Girl 12/2/11 at 3:48pm

    Just because he graduated from a Christian school does not mean anything. All people, Christian or not, make mistakes. Get a life and open your eyes “who cares.” Vavra may have been a Christian, but this does not make him perfect. Do you understant that? Think about your comments before you post people.

  22. From Braham 12/3/11 at 2:53pm

    I recently moved to the Braham area and have a daughter in the school. Yes, its true that the school has issues but there are many proactive adults that are working on them.

    One thing about this town is that people are very quick to judge one another and create more out of circumstances that they don’t understand. This young girl openly told other kids that she had a crush on this teacher. Being a small school and the fact that her brother is very close in age with Mr. Vavra, she has most likely known him for many years. It’s unfortunate and its sad. Yes, the teacher should have known better and NEVER put himself in this position..but lets remember that 5-6 years ago he himself was a STAR athlete at this very high school and if you know Braham, basketball is EVERYTHING in this community and many times the players are treated like celebrities.

    How about we all stop judging and take some future responsibility to prevent something like this in our schools. Let’s open our minds and be proactive. Let’s teach our daughters from a young age that we should act appropriately and not crush on a married man… lets teach our sons that there are lines that should not be crossed and that no matter who you are there are consequences for your actions. Lets learn from this terrible incident and NOT let it happen again.

  23. Seth 12/3/11 at 8:56pm

    1. Going to a church or a Christian university does not make you a Christian.

    2. Christians sin too.

    3. His name is Chris VavrA, not Vavre

    4. He is 25, not 24.

    5. If you are going to post this story, get more facts. The story as it is portrayed here is just simply not full enough.

  24. Seth 12/3/11 at 9:00pm

    This gives a much better picture of what happened.

  25. Well said From Braham 12/4/11 at 10:12am

    Well said “From Braham” who are we to judge anyone? We were not there, nor do we know all the facts and I am sure we never will. It is not our place to place judgment on anyone, it is God’s alone. We are suppose to support and help others, so I would encourage we all pull together and help these 2 individuals who need our help and support, and remember when you do not know, stop and think before you speak – You do more harm than good! One should never assume they know the situation until they know the facts! Prayers are needed here, NOT JUDGMENT!

  26. A Mom 12/6/11 at 2:11pm

    “well said”… posting comments is just that, posting opinions which we all are entitled to. And we will judge, that’s our natural instint…The teacher was wrong, don’t care if the girl crushed on him, came on to him… none of that matters… HE IS A TEACHER, A FIGURE oF AUTHORITY… so, he was wrong. The young teachers are just too young, unless they exercise good judgment and boundaries. Remember that even if that were an 18 year old Senior and he kissed her and fondled her he would also be guilty of sexual assault, that’s the law… look it up.

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