Gainor Talks Property Taxes For Pioneer Report

Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at 7:18 am

Let’s face it, nobody likes paying taxes. However, due to the recent elimination of the Minnesota Homestead Property Tax Credit, most folks in Pine County will be paying more than they are accustomed to.

Gainor also reflects on the recent death of a young hunter in Kanabec County, and reminds the listeners that Shane Bauer will be coming to Pine City this weekend.

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  1. Pine Citian 11/17/11 at 8:23am

    I disagree with the first statement in this report. I don’t mind paying taxes AT ALL.

    Where would we be without order? roads? water? safety? research? collective pooling of resources? health care? etc.

    That being said, I agree that elimination of the property tax credit was a very, very bad move.

  2. Upset Pine City Gal 11/17/11 at 11:22am

    Minnesotans across the state are receiving their truth in taxation forms this week – and for many, they’ll be surprised to see that, although their home values have stayed the same or even declined, their property taxes are going up. This is all thanks to the Republican majorities in the legislature and their continued insistence on balancing the budget on the backs of middle class families.

    By eliminating the Market Value Homestead Credit, they are taking away direct property tax relief for homeowners, farmers, businesses and even renters.

  3. Let me guess 11/18/11 at 7:21am

    I’m betting Pine Citian is employed by the State or Local Government in some way. The people who don’t like paying taxes are the ones who sweat, by their own brow, and earn their money the old fashioned way.

    “Where would we be without order? roads? water? safety? research? collective pooling of resources? health care? etc.”

    Sounds like more progressive, liberal, socialist talk to me. These are the kinds of people teaching our kids.

  4. Teacher 11/18/11 at 8:48am

    Dear “Let Me Guess”

    Stating facts is much more constructive than painting labels or making assumptions. Your post does nothing to further the conversation or make a rational political point of view.

    I am a conservative but statements like yours make us look ignorant.

    I am also a teacher. And I’m not a socialist.

    Please stop the name calling and bullying. We DO teach that in school and hopefully it’s not too progressive for you.

  5. lib minded Hinckleyite 11/18/11 at 11:14am

    I would not mind at all having people like Pine Citian teach my kids. Personally, I think it’s a good thing to teach people to share their wealth with others and to do things for the common good of all people. Why do you have issues with that, Let Me Guess? Are you one of those greedy people that never learned to share in kindergarten?

    What would happen if there were no money for municipal items like law enforcement, road construction or repair, fire fighting, etc.? You may have all the money in the world, but what happens when a fire burns down your house with all your worldly possessions in it? Then all of a sudden you have to rely on tax dollars to get the fire put out, and they have to travel on roads paid for with tax dollars, and you have to have law enforcement looking for the person or persons who started it,all compliments of our tax dollars. You have to think beyond your own little world and your own possessiveness.

  6. Pinecitian2 11/18/11 at 1:14pm

    I agree with paying taxes is the right way to have a civilized society- whether liberal or conservative… we all benefit from it. However, that being said… the elimination of the Market Value Homestead Credit was a very bad move on the part of our elected government. This is no way will help out any segment of our society… just another shady, behind the scenes, weasely way our legislature choses to get things done… on the back of the middle class is correct. When will it be the last straw that breaks our collective backs??

  7. Mainstream1 11/22/11 at 8:12pm

    One good thing that may come from this change is that people might be reminded of the true cost of local government. Maybe this will bring a little transparency to the system. Local government doesn’t cost any less (in fact some would argue it costs more) when we send our money to the state just to have the state turn around and send it to our local officals to spend.

    Blame the Legislature all you want, but ultimately its your local officials that raise our taxes.

    Here are some examples of other cities that are cutting costs and reducing taxes in spite of the HVMC change:

    The City of Foley reduced its policing service contract cost after threatening to go to a private security firm:

    The City of Oak Grove is cutting its budget by $600,000 resulting in a tax reduction for city residents:

    Taxpayers in Rosemount will see a tax reduction because city officials there are cutting the budget by $529,000.

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