Vikings Stadium Meetings To Heat Up This Week

Monday, October 17th, 2011 at 8:37 am

The plan to get the Vikings a new stadium takes center stage this week. Today, Gov. Mark Dayton kicks off a series of talks about a stadium deal.

This afternoon Dayton will sit down with key legislators and the people who drafted an analysis of the stadium proposal for the Arden Hills site that came out last week. On Tuesday, the governor will meet with NFL officials before meeting with Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf on Wednesday.

Gov. Dayton says he’s considering calling a special session to vote on a Vikings proposal, but he doesn’t want to do that without some agreement before hand. Still, Dayton knows that with just over two months until the Vikings lease at the Metrodome expires, time is running out.

The Vikings lost to the Bears 39-10 in Chicago on Sunday night.


  1. David Martin 10/17/11 at 9:27am

    From a Charlotte, NC Minnesota Vikings fan: please stay in Minnesota. We made the same exact mistake by letting the Charlotte Hornets go. The team wanted a new stadium, the people voted no, so the team moved to New Orleans. Then we built a new stadium for the Bobcats anyway. Hornets sold out every game. Bobcats games are empty. Once the team left, the fans and the fun did too. Don’t let the Vikings go. It’s your team. The owners are billionaires, the players make too much money, and the team is having a bad year. I get all that. But, man, it is fun to have a team to love and grow up with. I love the Minnesota Vikings. Please keep them home.

  2. Taxpayer 10/17/11 at 2:07pm

    I love the Vikings. They are having a terrible year but it won’t last forever and I hope they stay in Minnesota.

    That said, there are MUCH higher priorities for our government and our tax money. I firmly believe that a strong majority of Minnesotans would not only vote against this but be OUTRAGED if we decided to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize billionaire owners and millionaire players.

    I can only speak for myself but if public safety, education, and infrastructure aren’t more important governmental functions than building a football field that will be used 8 times a year, then politicians (and the public) really HAVE gone crazy.

    My two cents :-)

  3. Also a Taxpayer 10/18/11 at 11:30am

    Don’t forget about the thousands of jobs created in the building process along with the billions that will be lost in income taxes if they Vikes move. Not only do the Vikings players pay income taxes in MN but so do the visiting players and coaches. And if they do this stadium correctly (w/ a roof—retractable or fixed) there will be many more events than just the 10 per year that the Vikes have.

  4. jesse 10/19/11 at 6:07am

    As the News Director here I try not to comment on stories very often. I also try hard to show both sides of any given issue and let the listeners decide…

    I did find the following story interesting on kstp’s website:

    Canceled T-Wolves Cost Mpls. Jobs and Millions of Dollars

    We obtained numbers that paint a bleak picture for downtown businesses. The Warehouse District Business Association tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that one Timberwolves game brings between one and two million dollars into downtown. Without games, local businesses to not hire dozens, and possibly more than a hundred jobs. If the first seventeen T-Wolves games are canceled by Christmas the Warehouse District Business Association estimates the downtown loses between 17 and 34-million dollars in taxable revenue. And that means the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales and entertainment tax money as well.

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