Planning Commission Tables Talk Of Pine City Homeless Shelter

Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 8:01 am

In Pine City, a proposed plan to allow a homeless shelter in town was tabled at last week’s Planning Commission Meeting. The homeless shelter, which would be called “A Place For You,” is designed to be a safe place for people in distress that also provides for basic needs and offers resources.

On Wednesday, Aug. 24, the Planning Commission heard some comments from the public on the proposed shelter, and decided that the public needed more information before proceeding. In order for the shelter to become a reality, an ordinance amendment would be necessary to designate areas in and around Main Street in Pine City as acceptable for a community living arrangement. Then, a conditional use permit to operate the shelter would also need to be issued.

Members of the Planning Commission proposed and ratified a plan to notify all area businesses that could be affected by the ordinance amendment before any further discussion on the topic will occur.

A Place For You would be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Would-be residents would have to pass a criminal background check, have no criminal history for crimes against people for at least 10 years, and would be subject to drug testing before and during their time at the facility.

A Place For You would be available for people who have lived in Pine County, Isanti County, Chisago County, Kanabec County or Mille Lacs County for at least 30 days.

Expect more information on this to come out soon.


  1. Bravo 08/29/11 at 9:12am

    Besides a group of ignorant tree huggers that have never been exposed to these kind of people would want this in our town? The group with this “brilliant” idea is not going to be around down the road when the place takes off…instead leaving a mess for their kids and grandkids. When the first crime is committed in our town because of this we can only hope it gets brought back directly to these people and they understand that they are the underlying party at fault. Too bad for us that we have people working for our city that have no guts or brains to shoot this down immediately. We need some serious changes in our city staff and we need them soon. Idiots.

  2. Are You Serious? 08/29/11 at 10:55am

    Now we see what kind of people are against this idea, which makes me even more convicted to see it through. Thank you, “Bravo,” for outing yourself as the truly ignorant one here. Calling people who want to help the less fortunate “idiots” and “tree huggers” shows your true lack of compassion and tact. If you’re against this plan, why not do something constructive or help to make the plan better in your eyes? Of course, that would require you to get off your couch and do something other than spew electronic hate. And it would also required you to acknowledge that there are homeless people already in our community rather than constantly harping on these “professional bums” that you and Mr. Kubesh are railing against (in the most recent edition of the PC Pioneer).

    Go buy yourself a soul and stop angrily calling people names.

  3. Concerned 08/29/11 at 5:29pm

    Wow, Now other counties will have a place to drop off thier homeless persons and our county will have more persons who do not contribute anything to our community. How about instead of opening a homeless shelter in our county for other counties to use we address our own poor first. The other counties who will be available to use this shelter are just laughing thier buts off right now that our leaders are willing to have this shelter in our community. Like it or not these shelter become a dumping ground for other communities to drop off thier homeless to be taken care of. Once they have been in our community for a period of time they will become eligible for benifits that should be reserved for our own citizens who are in need. We cannot force people to leave the county once they leave the shelter nor can you make anyone stay in it if they do not want to. There needs to be alot more thought put into this. How did this almost get shoved down our thoats without any community consultation? We cannot be all things for all people, but we can do more for our own residence first. THIS SHELTER IS A BAD IDEA!!!!

  4. Are You Serious? 08/30/11 at 7:25am

    Dear “Concerned,” why is everybody yelling? This plan has been in the works for well over a year and isn’t being shoved down anybody’s throat. There have been many meetings and information about the project in both local and statewide media (MPR did a whole feature about the proposal several weeks ago). Where have you been? If you’re really interested in learning more or getting involved (or raising concerns), attend the community meeting on September 6. This isn’t a big secret.

  5. Really concerned 08/30/11 at 8:18am

    How can there be so many heartless and IGNORANT people in Pine City. Oh yeah, what am I saying… it’s Pine City, Pine County, too many inbred rednecks. Why oh why do I live here?

  6. Concerned Too 08/30/11 at 8:36am

    It’s not a county issue, it’s a societal issue. Isanti County has a shelter that is for families, have they had any problems? This five county area has the highest unemployment rate, tackled with higher rates of foreclosure. Where are these people suppose to go when they’ve lost both their home and job? I have personally heard numerous stories of hardworking individuals living out of their car, what are they going to do when winter hits? Along, with hearing the stories, after work I have walked out to my vehicle to encounter an individual living out of their vehicle (on two separate occasions), by the way I experienced this working in MORA and CAMBRIDGE.

    This is an issue for this area. The group has requirements for individuals utilizing this facility regarding drug use and a criminal record. Also since the facility will be open 24 hours a day, there will not be problem with “bums” in the community. “Bums” are people too, although some choose to live on the streets, others are forced too through no fault of their own. This is a current need for the community and it’s not a problem that will go away over night.

  7. Resident 08/30/11 at 9:04am

    No need to worry about these people becoming residents here, we can afford it, we are one of the wealthiest counties in MN. We need somewhere to rid us of all the extra money around. Its one thing to help homeless people in our community and its another thing entirely to watch surrounding counties take advantage of this idea. People take advantage of everything these days and to think this will be any different would be absurd. Hopefully this continues to just be an idea.

  8. Lets Talk Sense 08/30/11 at 1:56pm

    To: “Are you Serious?” – Everyone is yelling because you are the ideology of “STUPIDNESS”

    The idea of a homeless shelter is absurd…..we don’t have money laying around to spend on these bums….this will be a HUGE cost to our county in policing services alone because no-one will be able to keep the “bums” under control. You made a comment about whos suppose to take care of them if we don’t. How about family, how about neighbors, how about individual churches if they wanted to open there doors……it should NOT and SHOULD NEVER become the reponsibility of a taxpayer to pay for these people. Who took care of me when I was laid off??? Certainly not you or your homeless shelter do-gooder people. I hope this shelter becomes a noun of the past very soon!! VOTE OUT THE PEOPLE WHO VOTE THIS IN -

  9. Pine Citian 08/30/11 at 4:17pm

    Some of the homeless people I’ve encountered in Pine City over the last year:

    1. A physically abused 13 year-old.
    2. A former-foster child who’s foster parents’ checks ran out.
    3. An 18 year-old who came out as being gay to his parents.
    4. Someone sleeping in his car in the Walmart parking lot.
    5. Someone sleeping in a blanket in the gazebo in Robinson Park.
    6. Someone trying to escape the drugs and alcohol problems in the family household.

    The list goes on-and-on. These aren’t evil people. These are people who need a helping hand during a difficult time, so they can transition into becoming more self-sufficient and productive people in our society.

  10. Concerned 08/30/11 at 6:48pm

    Are you serious: Have you ever taken off your blinders and seen the real world. Why don’t you get more concerned about our own citizens first instead of having someone elses problems dumped on our door step. Can you hear the other counties laughing at us hoping we take this on, everyone who isn’t hugging a tree with blinders on can. As to the screening of these people, what happens when one of them shows up from the bar right across the street drunk and the shelter won’t let them in? Don’t say they will be returned to thier home county or city because you cannot force them to go back. I think they would do like some of our residence do (that you don’t have the any concern for), they commit a petty crime so they have a warm place to reside for a while. Now you have the police, courts and probation involved at even a higher cost to our own citizens who cannot afford or want this shelter here. Please wake up from your bunny hugging, tree loving, liberal coma.

  11. Marie 08/30/11 at 7:01pm

    I don’t know everything about this project, but what I do know is that it is not a true homeless shelter. It is more transitional housing for people IN THE AREA who have lost their place of residence. I think using the words “homeless shelter” is bringing up a lot of negativity. I would hope that before posting something negative, people should do their homework. I looked up information on this project before posting my opinion on this site. It was not hard to do, there are several articles about it if you wanted to take the time to educate yourself before you opened your mouth and spewed out hateful words. Ignorance is not bliss.

  12. this is not good. 08/30/11 at 7:49pm

    all i am going to say is we do not need this here we have got enough problems here and to bring more in.

  13. Pine City MOM 08/31/11 at 8:29am

    Why can’t people see that this is a way to help people solve a problem. It’s intended to help people out in a transitional time in thier lives. IT’s not hurting us one bit, in fact it is going to help the community by helping out a neighbor who as “PINE CITIAN” stated, are people IN our community already who are in need of help. Being selfish with what you have and not lending a hand will get you nowhere indeed.

  14. pc 08/31/11 at 12:12pm

    You are right….about one thing. Its not hurting us one bit because it is still just an idea.

  15. Where is the logic? 08/31/11 at 3:53pm

    If I understand the purposes of a homeless shelter correctly, it is to help one in need while they get back on their feet. GREAT! BUT I do not see Pine City as a place to get back on their feet. Where are the job opportunities that will help them achieve this goal? The way I see it is that if they get employment in Pine City, that will be less jobs for the teens to get a “first” job which in turn will add a buden to their parents who will have cover the cost of the things a teen job can allow a teen to pay for himself. This idea is ridiculous. I see it taking jobs away from the local citizens as well as adding a burden to our counties pocket book.

  16. Logic? 09/1/11 at 8:31am

    Naive individuals have no logic. The people pulling for the shelter probably were sheltered themselves.
    A person who has been secluded from the darkness and evils of the world. Such as war, murder, suicide, abuse, cutting, rape, amputees, disease, drug abuse, gangsters and mafias.
    A person who is sheltered is usually naive, likely religious, and does not know how the world works in reality.
    Sheltering your children is a terrible thing and unrecommended. It promotes unawareness and makes them more vulnerable to be taken advantage of by corrupt, evil and manipulative people.
    The majority of people in America are pathetically sheltered.

  17. Pine City Mom 09/1/11 at 8:52am

    But don’t you get it, this is for our LOCAL CITIZENS who are now homeless. So they are NOT taking any jobs away from our citizens… and Pine City does have some jobs that are more than minimum wage… just maybe ask a few of the people that work in Pine City. For alot of people, it could be ANY OF US, who have lived & worked in Pine City all our lives,… homelessness could be just one paycheck missed away. Please, heads out of the sand people!

  18. Leave the gun, take the cannoli 09/2/11 at 7:59pm

    Dear Mr. Logic.

    Wow, guess I guess I am naive, I’ve never been exposed to the mafia. I don’t know how that is possible, since the mafia runs rampant here in Pine City MN. Guess I need to quit living such a sheltered life.

    And next time I spend time with my uncle, who lost his leg in Vietnam, I’ll yell at him to stop being so darn naive and sheltered.

    Thanks for parting the clouds and letting the sun shine through so I can see how miserable my life is. I just hope you can have a great day, what with all that raping, cutting, murdering and other stuff you apparently put up with on a consistent basis. Oh, and if someone comes up to wanting to make an offer you can’t refuse………..that’s probably me, I think I’m gonna start my own “family” business, if you know what I mean. ;)

  19. this is not good. 09/3/11 at 3:00pm

    why cant we put somthing in pine city like jobs so people are not homeless in pine city? so who is going to pay for this tax payers?

  20. Was GOING to move to town 09/26/11 at 11:06pm

    putting this shelter in the planned place is ludicris!
    i see nothing wrong with helping people but should have no cost to tax payers. 2.the location should be on the outskirts of town, away from where children play, away from the few businesses still getting bye.out of the public eye.I am actually waiting to make sure that this does not happen ,so i can put in an offer on a house i’ve wanted for years,and move to town so my children can play with thier friends and have fun at the parks.If this does go through,I will be staying where i am at 6 miles out of town.i would not feel safe myself or let the kids ride thier bikes around freely,Now if i feel this way, as does my wife,how many people will move out of pine city, and how many will not move to downtown the area? you might end up with a mighty quiet town with a bustling homeless shelter.poor business owners and anyone with children- happy with where they live… close to the proposed sight,i suppose home owners will sell and lose thier pants and the business owners:[ ….well at least they can go check into the shelter.this location of such a thing ,has to be the most ignorant thing i have heard of in ten years.WOW

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