Mattinas Pleads Not Guilty, Has Bail Reduced

Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 12:41 pm

Forrest Ernest Mattinas, 18, of Hinckley has said he is not guilty of the charges against him. Mattinas is accused of breaking into a Hinckley home on Aug. 11 and raping an 11-year old boy after threatening to kill him.

In Pine County Court on Thursday morning, Aug 25, Mattinas pled not guilty to four charges of first-degree sexual assault, two charges of first-degree burglary and one charge of terroristic threats.
Also at the court date, Judge James Reuter reduced Mattinas’ bail from $500,000 to $350,000.

Conditions of Mattinas’ release include turning over his passport to law enforcement, not leaving Minnesota without written court approval, no use of alcohol or drugs, no contact with the victim or family and no contact with persons under age 18.

Added to the conditions of his release on Aug. 25 are that Mattinas submit a DNA sample to law enforcement. Sheriff Robin Cole has reported that DNA samples were taken off of Mattinas clothing after the arrest, and also off of the young victim.

However, Mattinas remained in custody in Pine County Jail on the morning of Aug. 26.

In total, Mattinas faces a possible maximum penalty of 165 years in prison, a $240,000 fine, or both.

His next court date is set for Oct. 14 at 9 a.m.


  1. PC Mom 08/30/11 at 8:21am

    Way to go Judge Rueter, I’m sure the accused will abide by these conditions. What could ever make ANYONE think he might violate these conditions? Oh, because he’s 18, was drunk, and did already horribly assault an 11 year old.. Pshaw, he will certainly abide by terms of his release. Please Pine County, can we please elect an effective Judge??
    His bail should be Upped to 1 million in my opinion.

  2. Pine County Citizen 08/31/11 at 9:29pm

    Are you kidding me? Judge Rueter, what the hell were you thinking by lowering the bail? Who in their “right mind” would even think of such a thing? How can you sleep at night knowing that this creep maybe able to post bail? Did you ever stop to think that this poor, brave young victim may not be able to sleep at night because of the horrible actions caused by this creep? So what if this creep is only be 18 years old. If he drank then, he will drink again. If he can commit such a horrific crime, he can do it again. What makes you think that this creep will change? You know, years ago, if you were to commit of such a crime, you were placed in jail til the end, there was NO such thing has “bail.” Judge Rueter, you were elected “Judge” for the Citizens of Pine county, Sheriff Cole was elected “Sheriff” for the Citizens of Pine County. I believe that the Citizens of Pine County are PROUD of thier newly elected Sheriff Cole! I know I am! Why should I not be? Sheriff Cole and his team had this CREEP in an hour or so of this horrible call! This has made Citizens of Pine County Proud! Elected Sheriff Cole is doing what we, the Citizens of Pine County, have elected him for! Has for you “Judge Rueter,” your choice of lowering this creeps bail, has NOT MADE ME PROUD. This is not what we, the Citizens of Pine County, want from an elected judge. Hats off to Judge Martin for placing this creeps bail so HIGH. This Creep belongs in jail and jail is where this Creep should remain. I believe that Judge Rueter should not be the Judge present in this case.

  3. Can't Wait to Vote you OUT!!! 09/5/11 at 1:54am

    I can not wait to get the chance for the people of Pine County to vote you OUT Judge Rueter… You stated in the court room that you are to give the defendant a fair chance at bail … but what chance did he give that 11 year old boy??? It is disgusting that your even giving the opportunity to void what great work the local law enforcement department has done … Very Sad and disturbing!!!

  4. Wake up and smell the coffee 09/7/11 at 1:40pm

    I can’t wait to vote you out hit the proverbily nail on the head people. We all need to make sure incompatent officals like judge Rueter are removed as soon as possible. Reducing this scumbags bail…… Are you kidding me ?!? He is less than 4 hours from the Canadian border with a passport…… You want him to have a “Fair” chance at bail…. How can you possibly sleep at night, knowing you tried to give scum like that a fair chance…… You should be ashamed of yourself Judge Rueter. Our local law enforcement did an astounding job of getting on the case and finding him before he could even sober up….. and you want to

  5. .Kb. 09/24/11 at 9:17pm

    I dont see how you people can talk such cruelness about someone you dont even know. Spose you think he`s a scary cold hearted dude BECAUSE OF THIS but what you dont know is where he came from, how he grew up, what kind of child hood he had MOST of ALL what kind of person he really is Not under the influence, What his family is going threw. Him and his family are one of the most amazing most kind most caring people i ever met! ILL STAND HERE AND TELL YOU THAT GUY IS MY FRIEND! Ill LOVE him and his family no matter what they did or WHAT HAPPENS! You shouldnt judge unless youve walked a mile in someones shoes! You people are NOT judges and im HOPING that he does get a fair chance and ill BE GLAD if he gets out because i do know him and his family and WHO he really is and WHAT he really acts like AND ITS NOTHING LIKE A CREEP! Not even close.

  6. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee 09/28/11 at 8:56am

    .Kb…….. I DON’T know him…. I DON’t want to know him…… Cold-hearted doesn’t even begin to describe what I think of him. There is an innocent little 11 yr. old boy who I will pray for because I know his family, and I know how they give back to their community all the time….. NOT 1 Time, did you show any remorse for that child…… I don’t care where he came from…. I don’t care how he grew up or what kind of childhood he grew up in…….. BEING UNDER THE INFLUENCE turned your friend into a cold blooded ANIMAL who needs to pay for his stupidity…… I got a better Idea…. Let’s lock your friend and Judge Rueter up in a cell together and give YOUR friend another bottle….. Let’s see how safe the Judge feels after a couple nights like that. He took away the peace of mind of an innocent child……. I have two sons that are close to this boys age. They want us to give them more responsibility, allowing them to be at home by themselves to prove they don’t need to be watched every minute……. I had to try and explain what happened to that little boy and they don’t understand why somebody would want to hurt him like that…… I wish I could be the judge/jury in this case because I would revoke any chance for him to get out before his trial (chances are too good that he would skip the country), not to mention, I wouldn’t want him loose with a chance that he might drink again and hurt somebody else…..

  7. Really? 10/5/11 at 9:12am

    KB, you may know this individual, but there are MANY that know this 11yr and his family very well. Yes, there are many that have come along way in their lives, they have struggled to over come the past and have lived a very ruff childhood. But is there really any excuse for what your friend did to this 11yr? So now this very loving 11yr has to pay the price for the actions/choices your friend has made. Does that make it right for you or the family to use the “hard life/childhood” has an excuse? Yes we should not judge someone unless we have walked at least a mile in their shoes, but now you put yourself in the shoes of this 11yr who did absolutely nothing wrong to anyone. When it’s been stated by the Sheriff’s Department, that it was obvious, it was your friend that committed such an unbeleivable crime, what do you expect us all to think or say? I beleive that your friend needs to stay in jail. Maybe this will give him the chance to think of his actions, his ways, his choices and his future. Only your friend can change that, and if he can’t then jail is where he should be.

  8. Jason Wesley 03/1/12 at 2:25pm

    Lock him up and put him in the zoo with the other wild animals. How people try and defend rapists and child molesters is beyond me. This guy took a childs life and destroyed it…I’m sure as long as he’s alive, he’ll never forget what has happened to him. And why do people always say it was because of’s time society stopped sticking up for scum. If that happened to my son..I’d be on trial for murder. I’m from Canada and the community this dudes parents came from and I agree….what kind of judge allows someone like that back on the street boggles my mind…how insulting to this boys family. Everyone wonders why we have lost faith in our legal system and this is another fine example!

  9. LotsOfNativezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! 07/5/12 at 3:48pm

    Highly rude of U people to b judging someone u only heard the media talkin about …karma and the creator will b around himself keep watchin the news and the government… they all lies….. no fair justice here just another racial blur as usual… what do u know white people fKin over the Natives once again… another fine example of judgmental racists! only The Creator can judge him….

  10. What?? 07/15/12 at 3:51pm

    I am Native and I still say he should rot in that jail cell! Don’t make this about being racist. I love my Native people but when they do such horrible crimes they need to pay just like everyone else. If this were MY brother, I’d let him know how wrong he was and he needs to pay dearly for his actions. I would not be sticking up for any child rapist! Family or not!!!!

  11. Nativeness 01/15/13 at 5:29am

    Well ur words don’t even matter now do they?

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