Wisconsin Dems Still Targeting Walker For 2012 Recall

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 8:37 am

A day after we reported the results from Wisconsin’s recall elections where democrats picked up two Senate seats in six recall races, we are hearing that the Dem’s in the state are still planning to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Yes, the Wisconsin Democratic Party is standing by its plan to force a recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker despite losing four of six recalls targeting GOP State Senators and failing to retake a majority in the Senate.

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate issued a statement Wednesday saying the Dem’s winning of two Senate recall elections shows how vulnerable Walker is to a recall effort.

Republicans held on to majority control in the Senate through their four wins on Tuesday, including a decisive victory for Sen. Sheila Harsdorf in Disctrict 10. Harsdorf defeated democratic challenger Shelly Moore by 16 percent of the vote, a wide margin of victory.

Still, the Democrats say they are encouraged by the 2 seats they picked up Tuesday. Party Chairman Tate called the gains historic and said the party will continue to “restore balance and accountability to our state” with a recall of Walker in November 2012.

Democrats could attempt an earlier recall date, but Tate’s memo indicated they will try to time it to take place with the presidential election next year.

Technically, the Democrats could lose the 2-seat gain they just picked up when the final two recall elections take place next Tuesday.

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  1. Mainstream1 08/12/11 at 2:46pm

    If I remember correctly, the recall mechanism was put in place in WI about 15 years ago following a scandal in their Legislature. It was meant to recall officials for a dereliction of duty, such as those Democrats who fled the state rather than voted on bills being considered by the Legislature. The recall process was not meant to be used to overturn an election because an official like Gov. Walker dared to make good on campaign promises. Let’s hope the two Democrats up for recall, who actually refused to do their jobs, lose their jobs.

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