Pine City/Hinckley Prosecuting Attorney Faces Sexual Conduct Charges

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Charges have now been filed against Michael Bjerke, the prosecuting attorney in both Pine City and Hinckley, which allegedly occurred back on May 15th at America’s Best Value Inn, a hotel in Hinckley.

The criminal complaint states that a women who was staying at the hotel was approached by a man outside her hotel room window; a man who identified himself as a prosecuting attorney in the area. The woman told police that the man made inappropriate comments, and then grabbed at her.

Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole wouldn’t answer any direct questions about this situation, but did say he had contacted the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension over the arrest of Bjerke. Cole said he hasn’t seen a signed complaint against Bjerke, but confirmed that he knows a prosecuting attorney from outside Pine County will handle the case against Bjerke.

The Pine City Pioneer reports that Judge Krista Martin has recused herself from the case because Bjerke regularly practices law in her courtroom.

Bjerke faces fifth-degree attempted criminal sexual conduct and fifth-degree assault, and the Pioneer reports that Pete Orput, an attorney from Washington County will handle the case against Bjerke.


  1. mnResident 08/16/11 at 11:26am

    The scumbag. Got his hand caught in the wrong cookie jar.

  2. Jack Wesley 08/17/11 at 11:59am

    I hired bjerke for a job which he totally botched. When I called to ask him about it, he said ” don’t call here ever again” and hung up on me! What a child! I hope he gets what he deserves.

  3. MNRESIDENT1 08/19/11 at 8:58am

    Isn’t there some board of ethics that over see the bad behavior of Lawyers? Somebody should look into this. Doesn’t seem like a very professional person and he handles prosecution for those two towns?? What are they thinking?

  4. Donkey 09/13/11 at 12:17pm

    He puts the jerk in Bjerke.

  5. MNRESIDENT 11/2/11 at 8:22am

    He’s a great guy and great attorney. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  6. Pine County Resident 11/2/11 at 11:23am

    If you want something done right and quick he is the guy to go to. Very good Attorney.

  7. Heidi Rarick 11/2/11 at 9:29pm

    I am not sure that all the info in this article is accurate. Mr Bjerke is a very professional attorney. I would recommend him for legal services any time. Private lives are just that — PRIVATE. And small town gossip is just that — GOSSIP. Innocent until proven guilty, remember that.

  8. Molly 11/3/11 at 8:41am

    Mike is a very competent, reliable and reasonbly priced attorney. I would recommend him highly for any type of work. He gets the work done and done right and very quickly. Five stars!!

  9. Martine Root 11/17/11 at 8:57pm

    Just read this story and the comments to follow. You know….Mike is a small town family man with a nine year old son, and a fabulous wife. Maybe people should think about what they say before they say it. Interesting how people who throw unbased insults are afraid to post their names. The story does not post all of the facts and Mike is, in fact, a very good lawyer who has been loyal to Pine County and it’s residents for many years. This situation has nothing to do with that fact. If you don’t know what you are talking about, keep your insults to yourself.

  10. MNRESIDENT2 01/24/12 at 9:29am

    It is not a private matter since he was announcing he is the city prosecuting attorney. And the fact he has a 9 year old boy does not have anything to do with this at all. Do any of you small town people that are defending him realize that men who are husbands & fathers can still be abusive and disgusting? Looks like there’s enough evidence and not just gossip. So glad I’m not one of you trying to defend the bad behavior of an adult who should know better. I’ll pray for the 9 year old that he doesn’t turn out like his father.

  11. Martine Root 06/28/12 at 11:22pm

    OK, MNRESIDENT2, The fact that he has a 9 year old son has everything to do with the negative comments that are being tossed around regarding his dad. His father is a good man, so the people who really know Mike will pray that he turns out just like his dad. These unbased rumors and insults incite gossip and bullying. Of course husbands and fathers can be abusive and discusting. What has that got to do with this case? Since you feel the need to insult those of us who know and defend Mike….I bet you must believe everything that you read in the tabloids. You sit there and judge and degrade a person because of your own thoughts and beliefs, without really knowing.

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