Pine County Sheriff’s Report

Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at 9:53 am

Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole was back in again this morning for the weekly Pine County Sheriff’s report.

The report ran two segments this morning, and many topics were covered.

Segment one

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Segment two

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  1. Pine County Tax Payer 04/8/11 at 2:54pm

    In listening to the Sheriff comment on traffic and first time warnings for traffic offenses….what a moron..and we have this idiot for the next three years and eight months!!!!!
    And listening to Jesse L. next to him sounds just as much of and idiot, feeling he got out of a citation because he “Knows the Sheriff”
    Boy are we in sad shape in this county for the remaining of the term.

  2. taxpayer55735 04/11/11 at 8:43am

    This guys mustache is twice the size of his brain.

  3. Pine County Taxpayer2 04/13/11 at 8:45am

    How about the fact that he want the Health & Human services department to move back into the OLD courthouse so he can use their space for STORAGE! What is the old jail being used for. SHouldn’t THAT be used for storage. I completely disagree, and people we had better voice our opinions to our commissioners and not let this Cowboy get out of hand!!

  4. s.f. 3994 04/13/11 at 10:24am

    Well, since others are participating…lets set the record straight. County Coordinator, Mark Lebrun, is the one who suggested using the old Health and Human Services space as storage. He is the moran. I plan on contacting my county commissioner and asking them why we have someone getting paid $100,000 + dollars to run the county, when he doesn’t know the first thing about running a county. Nor does his have a degree in public administration. The commissioners should be ashamed of themselves to have hired someone who was not qualified to do the job. Seriously people attack the people who are NOT doing there jobs(ie. Mark Lebrun) and leave the Sheriff out of it.

  5. pcresident 04/13/11 at 11:30am

    In response to “Pine County Taxpayer2 ” comments. Yes, he wants to use the current Health & Human Services area in the new courthouse for storage. But he’s not the only one who wants Health & Human Services out of that space, their director does too!! Which many people knew when they built this courthouse it was too small for the number of people and space neded, but it was basically built to impress the law enforcement department. The old courthouse is going to be remodeled, money spent on that!! So if you’re a Pine County Resident then you may want to voice your concern soon.

  6. RealPineCountyResident 04/13/11 at 5:15pm

    Wow, a couple of people on here still can’t get past the fact that their friend didn’t win. (Maybe one of you is he) I myself like our new sheriff and have changed my mind about him. He is real and not one the good old boys. He is doing a good job for us taxpayers and not spending money on nonessential things. I appreciate the fact that I see more deputies than I ever have in the last 20 years around here. They aren’t sitting in coffee shops anymore for hours on end talking bad about everyone they know (believe me I have heard them in the past). They had no respect for the last guy, who really did? Besides, I am glad warnings are getting given out; it gives us all a chance to get use to now having to follow the law in this county. Another thing to Pine County Tax Payer and Taxpayer55735, you are obviously very immature to attack someone personally, grow up and face the fact, Mark isn’t Sheriff anymore. Maybe you should have read more about his education, I for one of thousands are very happy we have a highly educated Sheriff who is making decisions (even the ones that aren’t popular with his staff or a couple of confused commissioners) and putting us residents first! Welcome to real world of working hard for your money. Go get em’ Sheriff Cole, finally justice right here in little old Pine County, who would have thought!

  7. pcresident 04/14/11 at 7:21am

    In response to “RealPineCountyResident”:
    No offense to you, but you come off as one of Cole’s good ole boy buddies. And yes, he is one. I think you should let people voice their concerns without telling them their wrong. Maybe you’re wrong. Isn’t that the whole point of having a comment section for people to voice their own concerns…who are you to judge them or to rant and rave?!
    I could go on and on about how you’re under some illusion of how wonderful you think Cole is, but I am not you….I let people have their own options. And not judge them based on that.

  8. Pine County Tax Payer 04/15/11 at 2:03pm

    pcresident, you hit it right on the head with realpinecountyresident. RealPineCountyResident seems to forget the campaign promises about saving money, yet our Chief Deputy drives a County vehicle to Champlin everyday at our expense, and still not a resident of Pine County.
    Similar to the campaign promises of “Will start with the small crimes, to solve the big ones”, yet will give warnings the first time. Small crimes or violations is where Sheriff Cole was gonna start. But you still see the same blue Chevrolet pickup parked against opposing traffic on a daily basis, parked across from Voyager Liquor Store. There’s a start for the Sheriff and his promises…

  9. roy 04/21/11 at 11:46am

    Saving money for the county and having more cops on patrol. How does this work when almost every night there is two to six cops sitting at the victory gas station in Sandstone. Along with in the mornings from 4 am until atleast 525 there is almost two cops sitting at the station. Getting these cops out and patroling our country roads mite cut down on thefts just a thought. Lets start spending our tax money on fuel driving around patrolling in stead of sitting iddle at the gas stations. Concerned sitizens of Bruno MN.

  10. Dick Anderson 04/23/11 at 3:07pm

    A few things to my fellow pine county residents:
    1st off Roy: You need to learn how to spell if you are going to attempt to poke fun at the deputies. Just like most union jobs they are alloted a break and like most cops they have reports and investigations to work on. So, if you happen to drive by the victory in sandstone and see a few sitting there why dont you walk inside and talk to them. you might find that they are eating and drinking coffee. Do you expect them to drive around 10 hours straight with no break? Any Roy, they only sit there for 1 hour at a time, maybe 1.5 if the conversation is really going well…and then back to your comment about two cops sitting at the station from 4-525? 1st off from 3-6 there are only 2 cops on in the entire county and I highly doubt if they are both sitting in sandstone, 2nd, like I said, cops have ALOT of paperwork Roy, are they supposed to bring it home and work on it for free? Not likely. I know most of the cops/deputies in Pine County and most are hard working and straight shooting so before you begin to put negative comments on them get your facts straight please.
    To, RealPineCountyResident: Your comment “Go gettem Sheriff Cole” really made me laugh. Have no doubt about it, cole will GETTEM! He already has. In his most recent article to us residents he states what a great job he has done and how he has saved us SO much money…by taking away the investigators take home squad cars and out of county deputies cars as well..I can see out of county deputies but investigators? Really? See what he fails to bring up, and I am sure he will, is he is also taking away the in county deputies cars. Thats right, all cars, including the ones parked in your neighborhoods, will be no longer be parked there. All deputies will have to report to their “district”, from there they will be assigned a car to use for there 10 hour shift. Now, I’m not as smart as a cop but if I was I would be a little bit pissed at the fact that my neighborhood is now not going to have the officer presence it once did because cole wants to cut the fleet down and save more money. Then you get into the pine county SWAT team. most don’t even know there is a SWAT team. So now, not only do deputies have to drive to sandstone or pine city to get into their assigned car but if/when there is a emergency situation and the SWAT team needs to be called out they will have to respond in there personal vehicles to the scene OR respond to a office and hitch a ride with someone else. Not sure about you but when I need a SWAT team I dont want to wait for hours for them to show up and I should not have to. I want them to be able to leave their house, get into their car and save my frickin life. WTF cole? All to save money? So why don’t you practice as you preach and sell blackwells ACADIA he drives 100+ miles to and from work ON OUR COUNTY TAX MONEY… and your hot rod as well. You should park your car and pay for your own gas for a change….no? Didnt think so.
    And lastly some other moron stated he has never seen so many deputies driving around. Fact is, Cole has not hired a single deputy since getting in. They are going to hire 1 more full time and 6 part time in a short amount of time but up until now I can assure you there has been no more “extra patrol” and if you take away the deputies office’s “patrol cars” I can only assume how happy they will be and all the hard work they will be putting into their jobs.
    You wanted change, well here it is. Right in your face. Have no doubt about it, cole is out for cole NOT YOU! If you want the truth, seek the truth, ask a cop dont make lame comments on here that are not true.

  11. Proudtoserve 04/27/11 at 6:51am

    Let’s set the records straight Mr. Anderson. First of all, I asked the Sheriff about the take home cars for us deputies, he said he would love to be able to afford to have cars for everyone but that isn’t the case. The last guy bought everything he could and now Cole is responsible to bring it back in line. Hey, who bought the Acadias, traverse, truck and blazer anyway? It wasn’t Cole, it was Mansavage. None of those vehicles are police vehicles. They were meant to spoil a few people and you know it.

    Another thing, we have only 2 people in the Sheriff’s Department who are on call 24/7. They are Cole and Blackwell. NOT SWAT, NOT DEPUTIES. Ask yourselves, have you seen the hours this guy puts in? Why is it, he shows up on calls in the middle of the night and weekends? Finally, we have someone who is making us look good and working his rear off. We, by union contract, are not allowed to be on call 24/7 and you know it. I work there too, a couple of you are just upset that they days of your being spoiled are gone, time to pull your own weight now. AND by UNION CONTRACT, cops don’t get breaks. We can go in for about 15 minutes get what we need to do done and then back to work. YOU are spending hours in the coffee shops and the people are sick of it, so are your fellow hard working deputies. If you don’t like it here anymore because you aren’t able to go out in your driveway, start your car and then go back in and watch TV and eat for an hour or two and still get paid, go find another job where they’ll let you do that. Good luck to you, no one gets take home cars anymore, because departments can’t afford them, PCSO is no different. There are plenty of applicants sitting down there ready to take your job. I am going to work and give the citizen’s of this county what they deserve, good service and lots of it. I suggest you quit your whining and lying and get to work and if you have a problem with it, go talk to Blackwell and Cole or do you know you’re in the wrong and that’s why you have to post this BS instead of being a real man and go talk to these guys. Enough of the crap here, get to work or are you posting this while on duty?

  12. very concerned citizen 04/27/11 at 1:52pm

    Fact #1
    SWAT team are on call 24-7. They do not get paid for being on call 24-7 but if a page is sent, they get it, they respond, any time, any day.
    Fact # 2
    Cole shows up on calls in the middle of the night because he is driving home from class, out of the county, and happens to be in the right place at the right time.
    Fact # 3
    Cops don’t get breaks? Are you smoking crack? enough on that….
    Fact # 4
    Out of the 87 counties in MN, 6 or 7 do not have take home cars, these counties are in the METRO not rural MN. This will not work for rural Pine County. Residents of Pine your voice is needed in this!
    Fact # 5
    Maybe your deputies would talk to cole if they were not afraid of getting fired when doing so…and one more thing most of the deputies were proud to serve just like you, now they are scared to serve because their new administration threatens them and disrespects them.
    Fact #6
    I work when at work I dont sit on a computer, and like Dick, I am not a cop. Believe it or not. I am just a concerned citizen and a tax payer of pine county.

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