As Wisconsin Protests Continue, Walker’s Budget Bill Facing More Challenges

Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 7:39 am

Protesters continued to show up at the Wisconsin state Capitol over the weekend, continuing a week-long battle to keep Governor Scott Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill” from becoming law.

Opponents of the Bill don’t like it because it would strip state workers of much of their bargaining rights.

Several hundred of protesters showed up again Sunday morning, including one man who, according to WMTV of Madison, repeatedly shouted outside the office of Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

The State’s Budget Repair bill has been signed into law by Governor Walker, but is hanging in a bit of legal limbo as court cases have arisen. The current situation awaits the resolution of a restraining order against the state’s Secretary of State.

The Legislative Reference Bureau was asked to publish the law, which Governor Walker has already signed. Typically the bureau would put the law into effect, but the reference bureau now says it must first be signed by Wisconsin’s Secretary of State. Of course, he says he won’t sign it because he’s under the aforementioned restraining order.

Meanwhile, the law has been published, another key step in the process from what we can tell. WMTV of Madison report the Bill was officially published on Friday. Still, some are protesting the manner in which the Bill was published, so things are beginning to become even more muddled now.

Many legal experts now believe this situation is appearing to be headed towards a very long and protracted battle.

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  1. Dot 03/29/11 at 8:00am

    Perhaps it would have gone better had Walker tried to seek input from the legislators. He seems to have the attitude that the rest of you are so stupid and I have all the answers so deal with it.

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