Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s Latest Proposal Angers Many

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 9:42 am

Conservative and Republican public employees across the state voiced opposition to what they say is “an anti-freedom measure” being pushed by Governor Scott Walker. On Friday, Walker announced his plan to take away the collective bargaining rights to state employees and their unions.

The following public employees, all conservatives or self-identified Republicans, said the following:

“There is no bigger government than the one that takes away an individual’s rights and freedom – and that’s exactly what we’re seeing going on in Madison right now. The legislature needs to think hard about what it means to be an American and stop this Big Government power grab against individual rights,” said Mike Recklies, a correctional officer in Elkhorn.

“I went to the polls last November and voted to protect our freedoms from government threat and to create jobs. I never dreamed that this would be the result. The bill being rammed through the legislature does the opposite and it must be stopped,” said Brenda Klein, a food service worker in Green Bay.

“I’m a proud conservative because I believe in limited government, especially when it comes to the government’s intrusion on individual rights. This anti-freedom scheme being rammed through the legislature goes against every core conservative principal there is, and I urge the legislature to stop it,” said Bob Jahn, a highway employee in Green Lake.

“Trying to ram through a bill that singles out and denies freedom to nurses, teachers, EMTs and other public employees like me is un-American. Not only that, it won’t do a single thing to create jobs, which is what I and millions of other Wisconsinites voted for in November,” said Rose Wassenberg, a food service worker in Green Bay.

“The right to join a union and collectively bargain is a freedom that people have died to protect. To have anyone threaten to wipe it away with minimal public debate, deliberation or discussion is unconscionable,” said Janice Bobholz, an employee with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department and a resident of Beaver Dam.”

Walker says Wisconsin faces a dire budget problem, and no easy fixes exist. He admits that while his proposal may take some money out of the pockets of teachers, he insists it will stay in the classroom.

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