Cole Defeats Mansavage for Pine County Sheriff

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 7:12 am

In one of the most hotly contested races in Pine County, Sheriff Mark Mansavage has been defeated by Robin Cole. The Secretary of State is reporting that Cole garnered 51% of the vote with 5371 ballots, while Mansavage got 48.69% of the vote with 5128 ballots cast.

Mansavage had served as Pine County Sheriff for 8 years, and at one time Cole worked under Mansavage.


  1. PCResident 11/3/10 at 7:23am

    pine co residents really have no idea what they’re in for…yikes, scary!!

  2. pcresident 11/3/10 at 7:10pm

    Good God – he was fired by the county. What are people thinking!!!

  3. HKResident 11/4/10 at 4:23am

    Response to PCResident. Mansavages message during his campaign was vague and irrelavent. We didn’t care if his most exquiste qualification was he lived in Pine Co for 50 years, or he managed to work at the PCSO for his entire career or got along with the county board. We wanted a solid leader to address our concerns and problems and restore our sense of security. Many of us have suffered from crime, and thus, our standard of living has been affected. Mansavage is an absent Sheriff living in 1970 Hazard county! The only person to blame for Mansavage being defeated IS Mark Mansavage! IF Cole doesn’t honor his campaign committment, then he too will be looking for another job in 4 years.

  4. Taxpayer 11/4/10 at 7:47pm

    Mansavage coordinated his re-election effort on the fact that taxpayers shouldn’t expect to much from him, hence, he made NO promises and held NO expectations! His responses concerning his Sheriff’s department focused on what he couldn’t do because of the limited resources rather then what he could do in spite of the lack of resources. He was unwilling to bring ANY positive philisophical approach to the forefront, instead, chose to run a negative campaign. He could have won with a negative attack campaign IF he would have brought a positive vision reinforced with a comprehensive message. Along with the poorly organized campaign; people have had bitter experiences with the Sheriff’s department under the Mansavage term. One instance I know of is a property crime victim who was refused a copy of the police report. This incident wasn’t pending or under investigation. The misunderstanding by the front desk secretaries, the department policy conerning distribution of reports to the general public and state law seem to be conflicting. This is just one example of many and people deserve, demand and expect a more professional and better organized police service than the status quo Mansavage was content with operating. This aside from the prolific premiscuous behavior Mansavage engaged in, which didn’t resonate well with the public. I think Pine County elected the better candidate in this election. Have a great day and be well!

  5. PCResident 11/5/10 at 8:41am

    In response to HKResident & Taxpayer: You both are obviously for Cole. That’s your opinion. It does not mean it’s mine. I have had experiences with both men, I’ve done my research, and I made my own decision on who to vote for. MM has been in office a long time, he understands how the funding works, what doesn’t work, etc. RC comes from the metro, he thinks he is going to turn the resources around, find money where money isn’t, and run things better? I think it’s the same thought process Obama campained for and look where we’re all at. I want Pine County to be a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. But reality is it’s a drug county, its a poor county, alot of people are living in poverty, and there are no jobs. So yes, crime is going to be a huge factor. When you have no money (this isn’t news that Pine County is broke) one man/woman is not going to change that.

    I just can’t respect a man running for Sherrif who sits in the bar & campains with the local drunks. I think his campain was run by the same crowd, getting their friends to vote without knowing the facts. With that said, it doesn’t matter…we’re stuck with him for 4 yrs.

    Let the fun begin!

  6. BP resident 11/5/10 at 11:52am

    Looking at the two comments above shows that those in the konw made the right decision. One sentence to voice your opinion? If you looked at the campaign run by Mansavage and read the first line only, then you would vote for him but, if you looked deeper like most people did, the facts come out. Yes Rob Cole was fired, without due cause, that was the resone for the settlement. The real sad thing is that Carlson is still the county attorney. I have seen Mansavage pass up Federally funded training for the deputies and not even blink and eye.
    The right man is in office and will make a differance. He has a plan, a direction and is motivated to take the Sheriff’s office in a new direction for the better good of Pine County.

  7. Heidi 11/6/10 at 8:30pm

    I agree that Rob Cole was fired, without due cause, so any expense to the County was caused by Mr. Mansavage, not Mr. Cole. If Mr. Mansavage felt that Mr. Cole was not qualified as an officer, as he so often stated during campaigning, why in the world did he give him a job in the first place and then promote him? He must have been doing what Mr. Mansavage wanted him to do (his dirty work) for a while and then when he was no longer needed, he was discarded. Pine Co elected the right man. Mr. Cole has a plan and has ambition. Something that has been missing in the Sheriff’s dept for quite some time.

  8. Real PC Resident 11/10/10 at 6:57pm

    To PC Resident- Enough with the lies about Robin Cole. He has never hung out at the bars. He is a good man who will hold EVEN YOU accountable. Get ready for some real police work and employees being held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). Don’t forget, Robin Cole’s termination by Mansavage was overturned! Heidi is right! Robin Cole found Mark Mansavage with his hand in the cookie jar and had to report it to the state and Mark tried to get rid of him because of it. I like Cole, he’s not going to kiss anyone’s behind, he’s going to work for the citizen’s of this county, not be buddy buddy with his employees. Did you compare the resume of Cole against Mansavage, seriously, Cole has 10 fold the education and experience. I thank God his is our new Sheriff. We need to get up to speed with our law enforcement, it is 2010 afterall and we will finally get good service in Pine County. Congratulations Sheriff Cole!

  9. Pine Co. Citizen 11/29/10 at 12:38am

    Listening to the accusations by both candidates over the course of the sheriff’s election it was quite clear about a few things. If RC was such a bad employee whom lied on his original employment application; then why didn’t this come out in the background investigation conducted by MM? Why did RC get promoted? Why were things going very well UNTIL RC decided to blow the whistle…THEN MM had all these problems. Does MM honestly think the people of Pine Co. are that stupid as to not be able to read between the lines. I was just disappointed there weren’t two better candidates seeking the sheriff position then these two. However, I think the better candidate was elected for the good of the community.

  10. Terry Neitzel 01/20/11 at 10:52pm


  11. Another PC resident 01/28/11 at 1:31pm

    Obviously he can’t turn around years of mansavages wrongdoing in a month. There are still plenty of things to work out and plenty of dirty sheriff’s deputies to get rid of. At least the head got cut off and he can start work on clearing house. I recently had a very bad experience with the PC Sheriff’s department as well, but I am not going to hold Cole responsible when he just entered office. At least he listened to peoples concerns when he was out campaining. Which is more than anyone can say about Mansavage, ever. Mansavage surrounded himself with like minded people or made some of them feel that what they were doing was right or just. Obviously that does not apply to every one at the sheriff’s office. There are plenty of good people that work there, but there are plenty that got used to doing things the way they wanted without any recourse for their actions. Hopefully that will change and Cole will hold them accountable. It was obviously out of hand, Cole stepped in to try and turn it around, got fired because of it, but did he quit and give up? No, thank god. Do you really want a sheriff that would have? I don’t. Good for him fighting for what he believed was right.

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