Mansavage and Cole Debate at Pine Tech (Audio)

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 11:03 am

Pine County Sheriff Mark Mansavage and his opponent in November’s election, Robin Cole, took part in the seventh edition of the Pine Technical College’s Candidate Forum on Monday, Oct. 18.

Mansavage and Cole fielded questions from moderator Robert Musgrove, who read aloud many questions submitted by those in attendance. By all accounts this was the largest turnout ever for such an event at PTC.

The room thinned out considerably after the session with Mansavage and Cole concluded, as many in the audience were very intrigued by the race between these two men vying for the job of Pine County Sheriff for the next four years.

Below is about 30 minutes of audio (unedited) from the exchange.

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  1. aceman 10/19/10 at 1:13pm

    Any chance we can hear the audio from the state candidates as well?

  2. Sick of the good ole boys club! 10/19/10 at 9:39pm

    I started listening to this audio and I tried really really hard to listen to this with an open mind and even went so far as writing down each candidates response so I could think long and hard about this election choice I have in front of me come November 2nd.I would have to say the clincher for me was Mr. Mansavage’s answer to question #4. I think this IS the reason most people want to see a change in our sheriff’s station…”all burglars are not Pine County residents,and we don’t have the resources”! and the BCA is backed up 6 months” (pretty much says so why bother) “That is not our problem that offenders are out right away”! Well Mr. Mansavage obviously You have lost two things here…The drive or willingness to make it your problem…since that’s the kind of Sheriff I want protecting my family and my property and secondly you have lost my vote!
    Mr. Cole, You have my vote and I certainly hope you are up to doing the right thing because we have had too many years of the wrong thing like spending my money foolishly and apparently taking no blame or responsibility for it!

  3. jesse 10/20/10 at 5:43am

    State candidate audio should be coming today. I’m sorry the quality is poor, but the hand held recorder device was all we had available.

  4. PCResident 10/20/10 at 9:29am

    I personally am dumbfounded that Cole goes to the bar with the local drunks & thinks this is a popularity contest. He also has went door to door, I’m sorry, I don’t want someone coming to my door unexpected and shoving politics down my throat. If thats the kind of Sherrif you all want…you’re in for a wake up call! That’s not how you run a Sherrif Dept.

  5. Real Pine County Resident 10/24/10 at 2:30pm

    Nice try, but sounds like just more dishonesty from the Mansavage camp. I’ve known Robin Cole for many years and he doesn’t even go out to the bars. He has worked harder getting out and talking with people in the past few months than Mansavage has his entire 8 years in office. He is also furthering his education by earning his Master’s Degree this past year, so making him out to be something he’s not is just wrong, grow up and do something right for ALL of the people in our County, not just your buddy Mark, Robin Cole has my vote because I know he will straighten out the mess we have now. VOTE ROBIN COLE FOR PINE COUNTY SHERIFF!

  6. In need of new sheriff & dist 2 commissioner 10/24/10 at 2:42pm

    To PC Resident:

    I personnally know Robin Cole to be a man of integrity, honesty and determination. I might say I am “personnally dumbfounded” that you would state Robin Cole hangs out at the local bar acting as if this election is a popularity contest. SERIOUSLY!! Robin Cole has gone “door knocking” while earning citizens support not “bar hopping”!!

    Pine County is all ready for new leadership! Be an informed voter on Nov 2nd. Be a VOTE for ROBIN COLE FOR PINE COUNTY SHERIFF!!

  7. 11-year resident of Pine County (year-round) 10/30/10 at 9:51pm

    Sounds like Pine County is a losing battle on the MM side of things while RC is willing to tackle the problems full force! I don’t know either candidate personally so hearing this debate was quite helpful in finalizing my decision. I am impressed with RC’s education, service record, and willingness to serve the people of this county. Frugality is reality among the people I know who live here all year. We do a lot with tiny budgets because we have to. It’s not easy nor fun, but it can be done. I appreciate hearing that our hard-earned tax money will be spent to get the most out of it for the people.

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