Hecht Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Shooting

Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 12:17 pm
Corey Hecht

Corey Hecht

A Braham man described by friends and family as a loving, compassionate father was sentenced to 36 months in prison.  Corey Hecht, 32, was sentenced Friday in Pine County court for shooting his friend after an argument escalated in October.

Hecht pleaded guilty in March to second degree assault.  He shot Jeffrey Huebner twice after the two got into a heated argument over what police say started over which branch of the military is best.

Over a dozen of Hecht’s supporters filled the courtroom.  His mother, Roxanne White, told the court that he has significant support of the community.  She said her son lived a clean life until he lost his job last year and became addicted to alcohol.  White admitted that alcohol clouded her son’s judgement.

Alcohol was a factor the night of the shooting.

According to the criminal complaint, Hecht, Huebner and a third man were drinking at Hecht’s residence.  Investigator say the men have a history of  drinking and then fighting with each other.  Each of the three are Gulf War Veterans from different branches, the Marine Corps, Navy and Army, and began physically fighting over which branch was “toughest.”  The complaint states, the third man left after fighting with Huebner, but Hecht and Huebner stayed in the garage and continued drinking.

Hecht told police eventually he and Huebner “got into it,” and he thought Huebner was going to kill him.  Allegedly, Hecht went over to a work bench, grabbed a .357 revolver, loaded it and shot Huebner.

Huebner was able to get into a truck, drive to a neighbors, and call for help.  He was hospitalized and listed in critical condition.  He underwent five hours of surgery.

Huebner’s aunt, Barbara Steiner, spoke on his behalf Friday in court.  She said he is back in the hospital due to an infection that is a complication of the shooting.

Steiner doesn’t think the plea deal and sentence for Hecht goes far enough.

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Hecht’s friend, Adam Wiseman, drove from Des Moines, Iowa to defend the man he met in the Navy in 1996.  He spoke about Hecht’s love for his son and care for others.

Steiner paints a different picture.  She said Hecht had a history of violence and says even with the time he will spend in prison, it’s Huebner who suffers the most.

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Judge Krista Martin said she read numerous letters in support of Hecht, but said the facts make the case that regardless of the incidents leading up to the shooting, Hecht deliberately shot an unarmed man.  She sentenced him to the minimum 36 months in prison.

Hecht must serve at least 24 months behind bars and the remaining 12 months on supervised release.  He will receive 192 days credit for time already served.

Part of the sentence also prohibits Hecht from ever possessing a firearm.

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  1. Mary steiner 11/30/13 at 7:45pm

    I know my coiuson Jeffery huebner well… I would to like to say that barbara steiner should not getting involed with Jeff and his friend, this is they needs to between deal Not barbara steiner she like run around ans cause people or family problems… I do understand that Hecht was soldier, that the war screw his mind…however barbara steiner was not there what happened Hecht and my cousin Jeffery huebner!. Barbara steiner need to get a life and she need to twice her mind before she judgement… She know about Hecht ‘s history? She like to addition the story.. My point view is barbara steiner need back off because she wasn’t there what happened! Barbara steiner is bad news… My coiuson Jeffery huebner and huecth made mistake their judgement! Alike Jeff said he ll shot then Hecht though it and he would.. Because Jeff and Hecht was drunk that they has nonjudgmental! I think that they are fault….but. Barbara steiner need to get a life and needs town her BUSNESS ! She stole my car, horse and stuff…I went to court against her and I won! But. She never return it to me. She is my monster aunt! Duh!

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