Hinckley Alleges Breach of Contract in Police Services

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 at 6:55 am

carThe Pine County Sheriff’s Office, Pine County, and city of Hinckley plan on sitting down before the end of the year to discuss the future of police contracts in Hinckley.

The issue arose at Tuesday’s city council meeting.  The city of Hinckley is alleging that the Sheriff’s Office is in breach of contract because they are not receiving daily sheriff’s logs and 10 hours of daily service as stated in the contract.

County Attorney John Carlson:

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Hinckley argues that they were not getting the full 10 hours of service because the deputy assigned to the city lived in Grantsburg and drove 45 minutes to work, which was counted as his service time.

The county replaced the deputy from Grantsburg with one who lives just 15 minutes from Hinckley.

County commissioner Steve Chaffee believes the Sheriff’s Office has addressed the city’s concerns:

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The county contracts with three cities (Hinckley, Pine City, Sandstone) and Widemere Township.

The county raised the price of police contracts from over $36 to $42.  Sheriff Mark Mansavage says this is 52-percent of the cost of putting an officer on the street.

County Commissioner Steve Hallan.

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Mansavage told Red Rock Radio after the meeting that he does not expect layoffs.

The County Board plans to address the issue again at its January 5th meeting.

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  1. Jodi 12/21/09 at 8:46pm

    It looks like the city of Hinckley is finally becoming more pro-active on investigating it’s police services and it’s binding contract with the Pine County Sheriff’s Office. For years all three cities that includes Pine City, Hinckley, and Sandstone have been shorted and cheated on it’s police services thru PCSO on a daily basis. That’s right on a daily basis the Sheriff’s Office has contantly violated it’s contract with providing a full ten hours of police services to all three cities they serve. Everyday the deputy assigned to Pine City for several recent years now shows up in the city a half an hour late after his shift has started, and he leaves Pine City a half an hour before his assigned shift is suppose to end. This is because he lives outside of Pine County, and wants to count his drive time to and from his house as part of his working shift along with taking his squad car home on many occasions. Yes the same squad car that is paid for by Pine City makes it’s way to Chisago County to the city of Lindstrom. In fact that’s not the only squad car that constantly makes it’s way out of Pine County on a regular basis. Their are two other deputies that take their squad cars out of the county. Last time I checked that excessive mileage, tires, oil, gas, and basic wear and tear on three different squad cars that leave Pine County all the time. This all adds up and is not free for the taxpayers of the county. That’s approximatley sixty full mintues that Pine City is cheated on it’s police services that they pay for on a yearly basis, because he is nowhere in or even near the city for that time period. That deputy is not even present in Pine County when he starts or ends his shift. The biggest problem is the Sheriff himself Mark Mansavage. From my personal and professional opinion this guy does not deserve the title of Sheriff or be ahead of a law enforcement organiziation. He does not have the right education, training, experience, ethics, or background to lead others in enforcing the law. On top of all this he has wrongfully terminated several employees throughout the Sheriff’s Office in recent years for no good reasons other than the fact of not personally liking an individual. He gets away with this, because their is no oversight in all the personnel decisions that he makes. Furthermore because those individuals that were fired by the Sheriff represent new and different ideas, philosophies, ideologies, and concepts from how the Sheriff see things. Unfornatly the Sheriff has threatened everyone that currently works for him in the Sheriff’s Office that if the truth comes out, they will be out of a job. That’s why more individuals have not come forward with more alligations of wrongdoing within the Sheriff’s Office, they are all afraid of losing their jobs. These are all facts just ask Robin Cole, he is the individual who recently sued the Sheriff and settled in a recent civil suit. Yes Pine County settled because they was wrongdoing found on the Sheriff’s behalf. If the citizens of Pine County want a better Sheriff Office, then they better vote in 2010 for Robin Cole. Cole is a man of intergrity, leadership, and is the right man for the job. Better yet he is a resident of nearby Hinckley, and truely has a vested interest in running and becoming the next Sheriff of Pine County. For everyone’s sake Mark Mansavage needs to be investiagted for his many criminal and civil wrongdoings and stripped of his job. The people of Pine County need to out and vote, and elect Robin Cole as the new Sheriff of Pine County for a safer better future.

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