Martinson Sentenced to a Year for Author’s Death

Friday, April 17th, 2009 at 1:27 pm
Ann Marie Martinson

Ann Marie Martinson

Judge Edward Bearce said it was the most pain he has experienced in a court room in his career on the bench.

The family of Mary Schlangen described the late Two Harbors author as a kind, loving, mother, sister, daughter and friend.  She was killed in a car crash on August 10th, 2007.

Ann Marie Martinson (formerly Brodman) will serve  one year in prison for the death of  Schlangen.

Martinson pleaded guilty in March to  one count of felony criminal vehicular homicide.  She was driving drunk in Pine County when she collided with a car, which Schlangen was the passenger.

Schlangen’s family and friends packed the Pine County Court room.  Her husband, Mark Schlangen said, “The actions of a drunk driver have life long consequences for all of us.”

Interview with Mark Schlangen:

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A blood test was taken following the accident and Martinson tested a .12 percent blood alcohol level.  That is .04  percent over the legal limit for driving in Minnesota.

Schlangen Family

Schlangen Family

The courtroom watched an over five-minute DVD containing photos of Mary Schlangen.  Her family said she had dreams of becoming a great veterinarian, but her greatest accomplishment was her job as a mother.  Schlangen leaves behind two young children, Kaija, 9 and Eli, 6.

Martinson was taken immediately into custody. She will serve her time in the Pine County Jail and is ordered to pay the $8,000 in restitution within three years.

Martinson was driving southbound on Pine County Road. 13 and ran a stop sign, colliding with the other vehicle that was traveling westbound on State Highway 23.  She was lost and  did not notice the reduction of speed in the area.  She said she was driving 50 mph in a 30 mph area.

She told the family in court, “Mary Schlangen died because of the choices I made.” She asked the family for forgiveness.

Martinson must also attend Mother’s Against Drunk Driving classes.


  1. friend 04/18/09 at 12:03am

    I just have a couple things to say about Ann Marie, She is such a wonderful person, Yes she made a terrible mistake, she has lived with so much pain in her life, without this. She truely and honestly wants forgivness from the family. I understand this would not be possible. But understand one thing, she is so torn up about this, she has lived and will continue to live with this since Aug 10,2007, All of us lady’s in the same situation that she has been in, all over the world,are so excited, she got such a light sentence! We can now have our kindered spirit back in one year, were she is needed so much in our lives. Im sorry for the family and the kids for their lost of their Mother, Wife, Sister. God bless everyone involved in this case.

  2. D.B 04/20/09 at 10:44am

    This is such a sad thing. Personally I think that a year is a sad sentence. She should serve far more then a year for the KILLING/MURDERING a person. Ann did not have that bad of a life. Her marriage might have been rocky and hard at best, Her husband loved her, her kids loved her, her grandkids loved her. She had children that loved and cared for her. Friends that stood by her. SHE pushed people away, she was cold hearted and selfish, not only to drink and drive, but life in general. I am so sorry your your loss and that this has happened.

    Ann I hope this will finally wake you up.

  3. Abby 04/20/09 at 8:59pm

    My Mom never meant to harm anyone. She didn’t wake up one morning and say “Hey, I think I wanna kill someone” She is NOT a murderer! Our family has had it’s struggles, like everyone elses. I’m sorry for the Schlangen family, they lost the rock in their family. and no amount of “I’m sorry” will ever bring her back, or even come close. This is a sad story, and a sad ending. I know a lot of people wish my mother would have gotten the full 4 years. these people don’t know my mom. She is a kind loving honorable person, and this alone has been killing her inside since the moment it happened. She will live with this for the rest of her life, that is sentancing enough. my mom is faithful, and holds on to it dearly, its all she has left. While all of you redicule her for her actions, she will take it, she knows she was wrong. The biggest punishment she is recieving right now, is not the sentance, She is missing her grand-daughters 4th birthday, and her grand-son being born anyday now. She sits behind a cell, where she is not allowed outside, someone to talk to, or being looked at as a human. She’s learned her lesson, and a year in jail is a light sentance, and I thank the lord it was, she cries everyday for the Schlangen Family and is reminded of what her actions caused. I don’t want anyone to think my Mom ‘ran around bar hoping’ because she didn’t, and never did. She mearly had one too many glasses of wine, on a bad day. The day her divorice from my father was finalized. I’m not saying what she did was right, I’m saying we have all had poor judgement from time to time, and I hope the Schlangen Family can find it in their hearts to forgive her.
    And whoever D.B. is , i think i have an idea who you are, you have no right, you didn’t know my mom. And people filter friends all the time, she found her family and friends, and this was the way it happened. I am all she has left, and if im the only one sticking by her side, so be it… its a sad thing that happened.. but my mom is no criminal, and no murderer.. she made a bad choice… forgive her…

  4. Jody Minnerath 04/21/09 at 10:53am

    How can you think about all that your mother is going to miss. One year is a lot different from an eternity without a mother. Your mother had a bad day as all of us had. We have not made the same horrible mistake your mother did. In a year you will have your mother back, and she her grandkids. What about Mary not ever being around to see her grandkids, or her children growing up without a mother, or their children never knowing their grandmother? What about the fact that Mark lost his soulmate? You are seeing this tragedy from your side only. You state “merely had one too many glasses of wine.” She committed a crime and someone was killed by the bad choices she made. We may not know your mother, but we did know Mary. You still have your mother, be grateful for that and don’t try to rationalize what she did. Yes, she will have to live with what she did for the rest of her life, but guess what? So will the Schlangens. One phone call could have prevented this whole tragic event.

  5. Me 04/23/09 at 10:31am

    Jody, of course Abby is seeing this from one side only— it’s her mother. After all, aren’t you seeing it from one side only too?

  6. April 04/23/09 at 4:33pm

    Wow, I don’t know either family but I sure do pray for those children who lost their mother from a drunk driver! They only have memories of her left which will fade as they get older (which I know from experience) and may God help her husband raise those children by himself which could have been prevented. I don’t think one year is long enough for taking someone’s life and then she will be free and back with her children/grandkids. There is no excuse in the world for a “bad day” that would pocess someone to drink that much wine and run a stop sign, I hope she gets treatment for her alcohol problem because if you need an excuse to get drunk than maybe you better take a look at yourself. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and hope the angels are watching over those children with great guidence.

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