Two charged in injury of 14-month-old boy

Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 5:20 am

The Isanti County News and Cambridge Star reports that Braham resident Allyn Raymond Hanson, 20, faces first degree attempted murder charges for injuries of his girlfriends 14-month-old son, Ryan. Hanson also faces a third degree attempted murder charge and first degree assault.

Ryan’s mother, Braham resident Deanna Marie Jacobs, 24, faces three felonies including child neglect. The reports state that the one-year-old fell down 15 stairs while Hanson was babysitting.

Jacobs told investigators Hanson was outside talking to a friend when the boy fell. Hanson admitted to seeing the boy fall down the stairs. The Cambridge Star reports he gave several versions of the story.

Ryan is expected to survive but its unknown whether or not the injuries will result in future problems.

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  1. PC MOM 10/31/08 at 7:37am

    I pray for that baby, and for the babys 5 year old sibling, that the system will do justice for them. (doubt it). To harm a child, or allow a child to be harmed is beyond forgiveness. Animals protect thier young… that so called “mother” and her boyfriend need to be thrown in prison to ROT- better yet, lets all get a chance to throw them down a flight of stairs, and watch it happen and not do anything about it. I would be the first in line.
    THe children need to be permanently removed from that animal, sorry, less than an animal. And I think they both should be sterilized so they can not procreate again.

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