[Update/Audio] ***Breaking News*** Pine City Teens Burglary – Timeline

Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 11:08 am
Top: Derek Marihart, 19; Kaitlyn Nosbush, 18; Bottom: Michael Schouveller, 18; Spencer Knutson, 18

Top: Derek Marihart, 19; Kaitlyn Nosbush, 18; Bottom: Michael Schouveller, 18; Spencer Knutson, 18

Derek Marihart, 19, Michael Schouveller, 18, Spencer Knutson, 18, and Kaitlyn Nosbush, 18 appeared in Pine County Court, Thursday, for their initial appearance. Three of the teens, (Schouveller, Knutson, Nosbush) are facing 11 charges and Marihart faces nine, for burglaries between August 25th and October 7th.

The teens allegedly robbed, The Cricket Bar (Rock Creek) on October 7th, Ryders Bar & Grill (Henriette) on October 7th, Maverick’s Bar (E. of Beroun) on September 30th, The Time Out Sports Bar & Grill (Pine City) on September 30th. Judge James Dehn also says Nosbush and Knutson are accused of 3rd Degree Burglary on August 25th.

Cricket Bar, Rock Creek

Conditional Bond is set at $1,000. The four are not allowed to use alcohol, drugs, have contact with one another or the victims of the alleged burglaries, are prohibited from enter a bar or liquor store, and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

The four teens were interviewed by Pine County Officers and all admitted to their involvement in the Cricket Bar burglary as well as several other burglaries throughout the week, according to the criminal complaint.

Police made the arrested on Tuesday, October 7th around 3:10 a.m. The criminal complaint states that officers were dispatched to the Cricket Bar in Rock Creek after an alarm sounded. Officers spotted Spencer Knutson in a vehicle outside the bar and made the arrest. Officers say they heard noises coming from inside the bar, and when they approached the building, saw a person wearing a black ski mask and dark clothing. Police say the rear door of the Cricket Bar was opened by removal of hinges. Officers order the three teens inside the bar (Schouveller, Marihart, and Nosbush) to come out and placed them under arrest.

All four are due back in court on Friday, October 17th at 1:30 p.m.

They four accused teens all went to Pine City High School, class of ‘O8

Hear the Parent’s Comments:

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Kaitlyn Nosbush, 18

11 Charges

Two Counts of !st Degree Burglary

Two Counts of 2nd Degree Burglary

Six Counts of 3rd Degree Burglary

One Count of Theft of a Firearm

Spencer Knutson, 18

11 Charges

Two Counts of !st Degree Burglary

Two Counts of 2nd Degree Burglary

Six Counts of 3rd Degree Burglary

One Count of Theft of a Firearm

Michael Schouveller, 18

11 Charges

One Count of 1st Degree Burglary

Three Counts of 2nd Degree Burglary

Three Counts of 3rd Degree Burglary

One Count of Theft of a Firearm

(Two Counts not disclosed in court)

Derek Marihart, 19

9 Charges

One Count of 1st Degree Burglary

Three Counts of 2nd Degree Burglary

Three Counts of 3rd Degree Burglary

One Count of Theft of a Firearm


  • In the criminal complaint released by the Pine County Attorney’s Office Friday, Knutson admitted to police that he and Nosbush robbed the Village Inn in Pine City, along with two other Pine City students (neither charged Thursday). The report says the teens obtained approximately $2,000 and alcohol. Management at the Village Inn confirms that Nosbush is a former employee, and the police report states that she gained entry to the establishment using the keys given to her as an employee. Knutson states in the report that the teens then broke a window to make it look like “a forced entrance so they would not know it was an inside job.”

  • A second burglary took place at the Village Inn on September 13th. In the report, Knutson, Nosbush, Schouveller, and Marihart are identified in the incident. Schouveller, allegedly, kicked the door down to make the entrance look forced. Deputies say upon arrival, it appeared the door had been pried and the wood trim broke to gain access to a deadbolt lock Approximately $1,000, an I-Phonics Amp and Kenwood speakers were taken in the second burglary.

  • Management with the Village Inn tells Red Rock Radio, over $3,000 in pull tab money, from the Hinckley-Flames, was stolen over the two instances, as well as till money. Two money bags were taken from the front closet, according to the report.

  • On September 30th, police responded to an alarm at Maverick’s Bar in Pine City. Police say the teens stole approximately 35 bottles of alcohol, a Casio Cash Register worth about $100 containing $10 in quarters, $100 in quarters from a drawer, approximately $265 in cash from a broken pull tab box, and unknown amount of beer, a touch screen video game, and a 12 gauge shotgun. The report says Marihart gained access to the bar by climbing through a roof vent, turned off the alarm, and let the other three individuals inside.

  • The teens also tried to illegally enter the Tme Out Bar in Pine City, On September 30th, using a screw driver. Police say they fled the scene when the alarm sounded.

  • On October 7th, owners of the Ryder’s Bar in Henriette sat a cash register valued at $500, $100 in cash, a cash register with no money inside, but valued at $1,000 were stolen. In the complaint, Nosbush states Schouveller used a hammer to break the window to gain entrance and then handed her a cash register through the window. The owner gave police surveillance footage of several people in a Dodge Stratus, belonging to Marihart , pulling up to the east side of the building. The video caught two parties carrying two cash registers around the east side of the building. When Schouveller was arrested, he was in possession of two set of till keys that matched the registers take from Ryder’s Bar.

  • On October 7th police responded to the Cricket Bar in Rock Creek. In the criminal report, Spencer Knutson admits to being the look out for Schouveller, Nosbush, and Marihart at the Cricket Bar. Knutson states Schouveller gained access to the bar using a screw driver and hammer. The teens had masks. Police found a trash bin filled with 92 packs of cigarettes, a Wii video game system, candy bars, gum, two cartons of cigarettes, cigars, and $100 in rolled quarters. A Crown Royal bag containing loose change was found on the basement steps.


  1. Pastor Linda Fouts 10/9/08 at 4:54pm

    It grieves my heart for the young people involved. Kaitlyn Nosbush is my niece. By no means do I condone her behavior. But I will continue to love her and pray for her and the others involed. Kaitlyn Nosbush was brought up in a good home and has been very respectful and trustworthy. It is sad for all the families involved to see their children make such wrong choices. I don’t judge them for I’m not perfect either. Trust that they do the time and learn a valuable life lesson from this. Pastor Linda Fouts

  2. caleb vanderberg 10/9/08 at 5:49pm

    what a bunch of idiots

  3. a PC mom 10/10/08 at 8:36am

    Ok, yeah now I am sort of tired of hearing how great they were. At least one of them has a prior drug conviction. So… maybe not so sorry for them. But I still feel bad for the Moms & Dads, and the families. AS for those young adults, thats what they are, adults. They do need to be accountable – and pay the price.

  4. Sgt USMC 10/10/08 at 8:39am

    These are some real gems there mom & dad must proud.

  5. Concerned Parent 10/10/08 at 9:21am

    I think it is a good point to make about being from a good home and a family who cares. It is a wake up call for all parents to never “think” you know what your kids are doing. Investigate. I am a firm believer on going into their Myspace and watch their text messages. I go into my son’s computer and phone atleast 3 times a week. Of course he doesn’t know I have access. I suggest it to any parent to keep a close eye on your kids.
    Just because kids have a great home and a family that loves them, does not mean they are angels.
    I pray for these businesses, these kids and their families, and your community.

  6. d 10/10/08 at 10:42am

    I was absolutely shocked when i got the text that four pine city kids could go to prision and i knew them! Never would i have thought that kaitlyn and derek would be in the bunch. I don’t know them well, but the time that i have spent with those two they are amazing people.

    I want to feel so bad for them, but i can’t. They did this, they now have to pay for it. I don’t understand how they were so dumb to think of doing this? Who thinks of robbing a damn bar? i am almost embarassed to say that i know them, which is completely mean but this is ridiculous. This was NOT a mistake, i saw in the other story that ppl are fighting and asking if they’ve ever made a mistake. A mistake, is drinking and driving, shoplifting, lieing. Burglary is a plan, multiple burglaries is a definite plan these WERE NOT MISTAKES!

    I don’t think they realized how much trouble they were going to be getting in. Im sure they know now and im sure their brilliant idea of taking alcohol, money, and firearms was the dumbest decision of their lives! They have ruined their lives! I study criminal justice for school and im really sorry to admitt it but the chance of them getting a nice sentence won’t happen, i wouldn’t be surprised if they got 10-15 years. I really hope that it’s not that long of a time, they are kids and have their lives in front of them but the chances are slim. I know their family and close friends don’t want to hear that but they are in serious, serious trouble! I hope that this will teach all of them and anyone else planning to do this sort of ridiculous behavior a lesson, it’s not worth it!

    To their family, i am so sorry about this whole situation! Just hold your head high, and stand by their side. Anyone who says that their parents should have known, shut up! When i was in HS i snuck out of my brothers house so many times! My brother had no idea what or where i was and he still has no idea.

    To their close friends that knew, shame on you guys! If one of my close friends was to do this i would be so pissed and threaten to take them to the cops! There is no way that i would have associated myself with them, nor let them go down for this!

  7. d (Danielle Mettling) 10/10/08 at 11:09am

    to add to my book before, and seeing the detail of the roberies. I am just furious with the fact that they did this, im embarrassed that i know them, i feel horrible for the families, and the bars that lost all of that. I don’t understand what lead to this kind of behavior! Never would i have even considered them to do this! They will have a lot of time to think about their decisions, these were not mistake, they were clearly planned!

    I’m sorry!

  8. The worm 10/10/08 at 11:37am

    And Pitzen thinks im a bad kid

  9. concerned citizen 10/10/08 at 12:10pm

    I hope they rot in jail for a couple years. These are only the charges they have proof of so far. I bet there will be more charges following.

  10. RC Kid 10/10/08 at 12:37pm

    lol, worm…Pitzen, my friend’s step dad is friends with the guy. he usually doesnt judge, but when you come to RC, things are different…but wow, i knew kaitlyn, sorta, and i was never aware of her drug use either…this all came as a surprise. but you really cant do much about it, they got what they deserve

  11. concerned parent 10/10/08 at 12:39pm

    This is really sad! I just goes to show you that we need to pay more attention to our kids and what they are doing and who they are hanging out with. Some of this does fall back on the parents.

  12. katie erickson 10/10/08 at 1:17pm

    Michael S. used to be my best friend, now I just hope he goes to prison to learn a lesson and straighten his life out.

  13. Debbie 10/10/08 at 3:06pm

    Who are we to judge? I’m not excusing their behavior. I just know I am not perfect….noone is so what gives us the right to sit in judgement? The parents didn’t make their ADULT children commit these crimes. Who knows WHY they did what they did. Rather than judging them maybe we should keep them all in our prayers.

  14. Michelle 10/10/08 at 4:42pm

    Well, I’ve been trying to keep my thoughts to myself about these comments but when my nephew Derek is suppose to “rot in jail” that really gets to me.
    So, concerned citizen how sure are you that these “jerks” robbed you place. Maybe you should lock you door. And hopefully for your sake you don’t ever have a family member go through this. Your remark is a bit extreme. Oh yeah, some other idiot made the same comment yesterday. Putz
    I’m still in shock learning the events that happened. I have a hard time imagining him doing this. Its been a very emotional time for our family. I don’t understand what he was thinking and believe he was pressured by others.
    Derek knows what he did was wrong and is aware the future consequences that our justice system can charge him with.
    Please people if you feel the need to make a comment. Think about the family members that are going to read it. And remember young adults make mistakes in life. I’m not very proud of a few decisions I made in the past.

  15. 08 grad 10/10/08 at 6:06pm

    I went to school with these four. I never thought they would do such a thing. Yes, they were some of the more ‘bad a**es’ of the class, but I would never think of them committing a crime like this.

    I’m sure they all feel horrible for what they’ve done, and wish they could go back in time and not do what they’ve done. But it is a price they have to pay for their actions.

    I’m sorry for all family and friends these people have affected. I know it’s hurt me a little to hear about these people I went to school with, and got to know so well. It just shows you never know exactly who people are exactly, and need to be more aware of the people you think you know.

  16. another PC mom 10/11/08 at 6:22am

    Thank you Debbie! I want to say that I went through a senerio pretty similar to this with my daughter a few years back. She didn’t rob bars but she broke in and stole from other places and businesses. How my heart sank when our name made the front page of a local paper being continued on page 3.
    My daughter was pretty much a straight A student but got involved with the wrong crowd. She definately knew right from wrong and I kept or should I say tried to keep close tabs on all my children. She did not have a cell phone so I could only hope she was doing what she said she was doing. I also met a lot of her friends and thought “what nice kids”.
    She made a lot of horrible, horrible mistakes which not only her but also,we, her family has to live with for the rest of our lives.
    My daughter was sick and she needed help, as do these kids. As I said before I personally know three of these kids, I know Kaitlyn the best. I know how strongly she feels about her family and friends. She would be there in a heartbeat to help any one of them.
    Yes what they did was most definately planned out and yes they need consequences for their actions but who are any one of us to be the judge and jury?
    I think anyone of us could have done these horrible things but we can think about it and realize hey this is not okay to do.
    We need to realize that drugs are an addiction. What do addicts do? Addicts use! When they use they do not think clearly. They are invincible. They cannot think and look at the big picture or the consequences.
    I hope you all can maybe take a little bit bigger look at the whole picture and realize that these kids have a problem and they need help. Let’s stop the condemning and start some praying for them.
    I am proud to say that my daughter has been clean and sober for over 2 years now and is living a wonderful life. Even tho she has lost so much and can never go to college for what she dreamed to do, she can and is starting to get back to college to help people who are stuggling with addiction so they can live a clean, productive life.
    I thank God for Teen Challenge and its wonderful program as it saved my daughter.
    I am PROUD to call her my daughter and I LOVE her with all my heart!

  17. make an honest living 10/11/08 at 2:27pm

    I’m sorry Michelle lock my door? Whether my door is locked or not no one has a right to break into my home or business!

  18. c mon Michelle 10/11/08 at 6:52pm

    Cmon lock your door what is that? They are a victim and should be able to keep their doors unlocked without little punks coming in and robbing them! To the concerned citizen I am sorry you had to go through this and Michelle he pled guilty.so obviously that is what he is stop defending him so much I understand you love him but what he did was wrong!!!

  19. pc homeowner 10/11/08 at 8:24pm

    So Michelle, how sure are you that they didn’t break into that guys house? You said yourself you couldn’t imagine your nephew doing something like this. I’m sure with your insight the thought of him breaking into a house is unimaginable. Hopefully you never know what it feels like to not feel safe in your own home. Wow… lock my door? That is really great advice, unless somebody decides to use a screwdriver, kick the door in, break a window, or crawl through a roof vent and disable my alarm system so they can let their friends in, and steal things that don’t belong to them, including a 12 gauge shotgun! Please Michelle, if you need to post a comment think about the REAL victims in this case who, in a horrible economy, are trying to make an honest living to provide for their families! And FYI Robbing 5 businesses is not a mistake, it was a FELONY!

  20. D 10/11/08 at 8:30pm

    Can we not attack the family. Their record so far is bars, where there is money and alcohol. Why go into a house were all your going to get is useless stuff? I don’t believe they did it, and until it is proven that they did keep your mouths shut and leave their families alone

  21. Pat 10/11/08 at 10:59pm

    This is a terrible thing that has happened but lets keep it in perspective. OK? These young adults were from good homes and they got desperate in their own minds on what they needed to get their fix. This does not reflect on their parents. This is their responsibility and theirs alone. Not a one of them thought “What would my Mother or Dad think?” because if they did they would not have done it. So lets leave the parents alone. The four young adults unfortunately got away with the first robbery and thought it was an easy take. They were full of adrenaline and the feeling of success took over and they got greedy! They were on a trip that had a bad ending that they never thought would happen. Yes, they should pay for their crime and the parents will also pay for all four of their bad decisions. If you do the crime you should do the time and maybe they will learn and maybe they won’t. Pray for the parents because they are the ones who have to stay strong during this ordeal. They have to stand beside their child and try to make sense of what went wrong. Trust me it was not anything the parent did it was a bad judgement on their childs side. We are all responsible for our own actions and remember no one can make us do what we do not want to do.

  22. Tina 10/12/08 at 4:08pm

    Kaitlyn is a moron.
    But I <3 her.

  23. gladidontliveinpcanymore 10/12/08 at 8:49pm

    same old drama in pc! glad i was one of the smart ones and moved away. let this business that these kids did remain theirs along with their families. they will all be served the proper time and punishment. one of the boys is my friends step brother and from what i remember, he is not a bad kid. sometimes you just get involved with the wrong crowd at the wrong time. i know his parents, and he will be properly punished by them and the law. lets just be thankful nobody ended up harmed. it could have been alot worse. gosh i am so glad i was smart and didnt stay in pc. its so boring there that no one has anything better to do then get in other peoples business. WORD!

  24. Tommy Blomberg 10/12/08 at 10:10pm

    All four of them have been my friends for years….I just wish I still lived in Pine City when this happened so I could have talked some sense into those thick skulls….They messed up bad, but i hope they get a second chance. I don’t feel like seeing these kids ten years down the road all messed up because of one stupid mistake. If they go to jail/prison for this it will ruin their life to come….community service, a lot of fines, and a lot of saying sorry, maybe a good butt kicking to straighten them out…but not jail…

  25. pc citizen 10/13/08 at 6:26am

    I cannot believe some of you are saying this is a mistake!!! Get a clue! This is truly NOT a mistake. They are adults and knew exactly what they were doing. They deserve many years in jail!! Let’s stop feeling sorry for these so-called adults and start feeling sorry for the businesses that were involved.

  26. Michelle 10/13/08 at 8:35am

    I stated to lock your door in frustration.

  27. Debbie 10/13/08 at 9:33am

    These kids need help! Is prison really the answer?? As far as I know none of these kids have criminal records so what good is sending them to prison going to do? I understand they need to pay for what they did, but isn’t there a better alternative than our ineffective prison system? I would like to think these kids can turn their lives around if they get the right help. They’re just too young to totally give up on. In my eyes, sending them to prison is the same as giving up on them! Each and everyone of us has made mistakes that we regret. And each and everyone one of us has been given 2nd chances. I don’t know where I would be without a 2nd chance here or there. Please pray for all involved and for the proper punishment!

  28. do the crime, do the time 10/13/08 at 11:08am

    I am sick and tired of everyone saying it was a mistake, and how sweet and good these adults are and that they do not deserve prison. Prison is exactly what they need to be straighten out. If you owned a business and someone robbed you would you say it was just a mistake and they should be let go. No, you would want them to serve the time that they deserve. I know everyone thought these kids were good kids, but obviously not. These break-ins were planned throughly, it was not a mistake.. They just didn’t ever think about what they were doing. Bottom Line…it was wrong. To them the only mistake they made was getting caught.

    And also, do not attack the families of these juveniles. It was not them who robbed these businesses it was their children.

  29. a PC mom 10/13/08 at 12:24pm

    Debbie, I can tell you that I may have made mistakes in my life, but I have never broken into an establishment and stolen from them. If everyone of us has done something like that, and got caught red handed, then everyone of us should be in the same situation, facing a jail sentence, restitution and community service,… not one or the other, all three. A kid doing wrong and learning from their mistake is on quite a different level than what we are dealing with. I think we should all look hard at our little communities we live in and see what we are lacking by not providing entertainment for the teen-agers. At least when I grew up in this town there were 2 theaters and a bowling alley- We all still did alot of drinking, but at least there were options out there. There’s NOTHING for teenagers right now. Thankfully, my kids love being at home and having their friends over to our house. I drive my kids crazy checking on them, and wanting to know who their friends are and where they are at. It’s our job as parents care what they are up to. If my 18 year old all of a sudden was flush with cash, I might wonder where he got that from.

  30. another PC mom 10/13/08 at 4:01pm

    You know Debbie I truly believe that there is just some people who you just can’t talk to.
    Again, as I wrote earlier about my daughter having this same senerio. 12 felonies and also theft of a firearm. My daughter did NOT go to prison. She went to a very long treatment program and is doing wonderful. If she would have gone to prison she would not have gotten the extent of the treatment she did recieve.
    Does she have time hanging over her head? You bet she does. One mistake in 15 years she WILL serve her time plus she has many thousands of dollars to pay in restitution. Which she does pay every month.
    Was it easy for her to find employment? No it was not but someone gave her a chance and she is even moving up in the company.
    The treatment she did was the best thing that could have happened to her at her young age.
    I agree with you 100%. I guess until these people have walked a mile in my shoes and have gone through this they plain and simply cannot understand and will continue to play judge and juror.

  31. Business Manager 10/13/08 at 5:06pm

    As management of one of the bars that was burglarized, we extend our sincere apologies to the families for the sorrow that this situation has brought to all of you. We are pleased, however, to know that the perpatrators that committed the crime against our business are in jail. This has been a very costly experience for our business, in many different ways. We hope that the judicial system will be just and if it feels that drugs and alcohol played a part in why these young adults chose to commit the crimes that they did, that it will see fit to get them the help that they need.

  32. kori 10/14/08 at 7:14am

    People dont even know what we are going though! yes they did mess up but there sorry and one just happens to be my brother…(spencer knutson). And i dont like people talking stuff about him. So people should um like i dont know watch what they say!!!! yes they will be spendng time..for sure but rottin in prison thats a little much! i love my brother very much and i look up to him no matter what!!

  33. Debbie 10/14/08 at 8:40am

    PC Mom – I guess I really just don’t understand your lack of compassion considering you yourself stated as a minor you did “a lot of drinking”. Those are your own words. Imagine if you had gotten busted a few times and they decided to lock you up and throw away the key. Would that have made you a better person? Drinking is a premeditated act which could lead to devastating consequences. Just because nothing devastating occurred, does that make you less guilty of drinking illegally? Also, if you were out drinking as a minor I’m sure you were out driving as well. Looking back at those choices, I’m sure you cringe thinking about what COULD have happened. The thing is PC Mom, you and I sound a lot alike. I didn’t grow up in PC, but I did grow up in a small town with not a lot to do. No, that didn’t make me want to break into any establishment and rob them. I don’t know what made these kids do what they did & neither do you. You are making a lot of assumptions and you come off sounding like a bit of a know it all. The bottom line is none of us are perfect. You stated yourself you have made your share of mistakes. Aren’t you thankful for the 2nd chances you received? I never said these kids shouldn’t pay for their actions. They should definitely be punished, but I don’t think locking them up for 20 years is going to do them any good.
    I’m not trying to sound rude & I hope I haven’t offended you. That’t not my intent with any of my comments. I just think people are too quick to judge. None of us has the right to judge…especially when we don’t have all the facts!

  34. shannon 10/14/08 at 11:20am

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the kids involved as well as to the victims. I believe that each of these kids should be given a lengthy evaluation to find out if there were drugs involved. Our kids today face so many choices. We as parents can only pray that our kids make the right choice. We may think that they will but under the influence of drugs, will they still? There seems to be so much anger in some of the voices on this blog. I wonder if they know that God is at the window. He sees our whole life, He loves us and He forgives us. The great thing about God is that when you ask for forgiveness, he not only forgives but He forgets. I urge these kids to get involved with Teen Challenge. I pray that all of us can support them. If they have never been in trouble before, how can we punish them but not ruin them? I hope they find the help that they need and I hope that someday they can repay the victims for what they have done.

  35. notthatdumb 10/15/08 at 5:30pm

    haha they get what they deserve. next time maybe you should actually think about what your doing but then again that might be hard to accomplish with no brain activity. suckers.

  36. Katie 10/16/08 at 9:58am

    okay seriously the kids’ family memebers are reading this … honeslty people make mistakes no need to get so mean about it … they made a mistake you dont have to get all offensive about this ..

  37. Stuart 10/16/08 at 1:42pm

    I received a text message, read it and I heard Mikaels name. Everyone here is all saying I can’t belive this, well you know what, for those of you that are discriminating on these four get a clue. Half of you are all probably adult’s. Back when you were a kid you did many stupid things but guess what you got away with them, because back in your day the law was forgiving. Believe me I know what it’s like to get into trouble, fall into the wrong crowd, and before you know it your sitting in a cell with four walls trying to figure out how you let it happen to you. I remember being in sixth grade, watching the t.v show cops and telling my parents how stupid these people were. A few years later I am just like the people on cops, sitting in a cell over a stupid mistake. What they did was wrong, of course it was. But get a grip on reality here, let’s put four people that just turned adults in the last year or so, into a maximum secured prison for 10-15 years over this? are you crazy? and for those people who are sitting here commenting they should rot in jai? have ever you ever gone through this? what if it was your son/daughter?

    Make sure when you comment your not affecting other people, because believe it or not, when you write such horrible things about people these families read it, they are going through hell right now. Just imagine your kid doing this, all you can think about is “WHAT DIDN’T I DO RIGHT AS A PARENT”. The parents feel just as bad as the kids who did it.

    I have been arrested three times, im not gonna sit here and preach and pretend like im some angel. Unlike everyone else, ill admit to my mistakes instead of make myself out to be some “perfect citizen” it wasn’t until the last time I got arrested when I realized this could possibly mean prison time, that it clicked in my head. Okay and I am just gonnna mention something else.

    What we say on here is not gonna effect how their court goes and what their punishment is going to be. SO you can all say I hope they rot in jail, but the fact of the matter is, your not the JUDGE/JURORS so you aren’t gonna be deciding.

    Please everyone, lets just keep our comment’s rational, I feel its a crime to talk such bad about these four people??? I mean what is the world coming to these days, we can’t even have one good thing to say????

    How about post on here, I wish the best of luck and hope you get your lifes turned around.


    As for Mikael, dude I wish you the best of luck, honestly I do. Just remember stay strong bro, and don’t let these peoples comments tear you apart, I know you did wrong but I can always forgive, but I will never forget. Also, me and you were a lot alike, our personalities I mean, and I can see how you and I both kinda took the left turn for the wrong instead of taking the right turn for the good. But hey we will get through it for sure, just stay strong and keep thinking that one day, you’ll be free again and this will all be over with.

    As for the other three, I do not know you but I do wish you the best of luck, and I hope the harsh law doesn’t give you no 10-15 years like someone said in an earlier comment, that is irrational for sure but like I say I am no Judge so I will let your punishments come from a Judge and not me.

    Thank you,
    and just so you all know, this is my personal “opinion” I am not trying to defend these people, nor am I trying to defend the people critizing them.

    And feel free to email me, for all of you who are gonna probably not like what I wrote, you don’t have to post on here telling me I am wrong, go ahead and step up to the plate, send me the email, and we can talk :)

    Best Regards,

  38. nunya 10/16/08 at 3:26pm

    Calm down I know your upset because some teenagers stole your booze. This is not the first time this has happened. My opinion is it is messed up how we spend more money on booze and cigarettes then education every year and really you don’t expect something like this is going to happen. You know what they say small towns, small minds… peace

  39. Rc StUdEnT 10/17/08 at 1:04pm

    SERIOUSLY THEY MADE A MISTAKE… SO QUIT WITH THE NASTY COMMENTS…. LETS PUT IT IN UR VIEW… IF YOU DID IT… WOULD YOU WANT PEOPLE SAYIN “THEY SHOULD ROT THE REST OF THEIR LIFE IN JAIL?? i didnt think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE! QUIT BEING JERKS… oh and michelle serioulsy locking doors wont help!!!!!!! There are other ways of breaking in!

  40. Michelle 10/17/08 at 3:23pm

    Rc student–obviously didn’t you read my later comment-I said lock your door in anger and frustration with the nasty comment that they should rot in jail! I realize there are other ways of breaking in–Thanks alot the remark

  41. gladidontliveinpcanymore 10/17/08 at 5:41pm

    What if these four young adults were four 40 year olds? Would their be this much attention? I doubt it. What about all the drug addicts in Pine County, all the meth labs? Do they get this much attention? What about the dead beat parents in Pine County that dont pay child support..ever. Do they get all this hipe? So come on, think about other things in life besides these four young adults that made a few really bad choices.

  42. Katie 10/18/08 at 10:16pm

    okay this “notthatdumb” kid …. screw you … you obviously hold grudges .. they made a mistake .. when you make a mistake would you want people to forgive you or would you like to be told that your gonna rot in jail and that no one forgives you because it was such a horrible thing … honesly … your pathetic

  43. Mike 10/25/08 at 3:06am

    Could the four be described as a gang of crooks? If the answer is yes, there’s got to be a ring leader. Who? Once the first crime was committed did any of them realise that this is bad and try to getout? If so were they blackmailed into staying in the gang, or were more serious threats made? Or were they on a roll and nothing could stop them? At this stage I’d say there’s still a lot more to come out and sympathy for the families and the businesses will help. For those involved the real question is -would they do it again? And their answers hold the key to crime and punishment.

  44. Miranda 10/29/08 at 7:52pm

    I graduated with these people and I can’t imagine them doing something like this. When I got the text message from one of my friends asking me if I had heard about this I was shocked to hear about it. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families that are dealing with this right now. I know how it is I went through it with my brother and alls you can do is pray that they learn their lesson and don’t do it again. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!!

  45. pinecityteen1 10/29/08 at 8:58pm

    I am not saying anthing against the four teens, BUT WHAT THEY DID WAS WRONG! In school they seemed like nice kids, and I never thought they would do something like this. I think that they should be punished. They shouldn’t get like 20 years, but at least 2 or 3 so they have time to think of what they did. If they get away with it with only a little time out in the corner so to say, what says they won’t do it again because they got away with it the first time. They need to be punished for what they did but they should also be able to have a life in like 3 years. They knew what they were doing and they screwed up their own lives and they should have to be punished for their bad decisions. I hope they learn from their stupid actions.

  46. pinecityteen1 10/30/08 at 3:31pm

    I forgot to say that I am sorry for the families of the four teens. I hope that the teens can learn from what they did, but people should watch what they say on here. Just be considerate to the families and the victims that are going through this.

  47. No Sympathy 11/10/08 at 8:55pm

    Committing a series of felonies is not “a mistake”. Yes they are young and have plenty of time to turn their lives around. Hopefully they can learn a few things in prison, because they deserve to do time. More than likely they’ll do a little time in the workhouse if anything, and hopefully get 5 years or more of probation.

  48. In Love 04/7/09 at 8:24am

    Michael may have previously made mistakes in his life, but everyone deserves a second chance. For all of you who decide to bash on their wrong doings and say hurtful things such as, continuously mentioning how they should rot in jail, and more…should really consider the fact that Jesus Christ came to this earth to die for our sins, and no matter what the sin everyone is forgiven! A true Christian would understand that that was a horrible mistake but whether you all forgive them or not it doesn’t matter because Jesus has.
    Michael has changed so much within the last six months it’s incredible! When trust is put into God, He blesses you!
    Michael you’re a wonderful kid and I can’t wait to see you when you get out!
    Love you always!

  49. Kori and Sam 04/16/09 at 1:28pm

    I think all of you poeple that are riping on these teens are stupid and need to get lives

  50. Kori and Sam 04/16/09 at 1:29pm


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