***Breaking News*** [Update] Four Pine City Teens Suspected in Rash of Burglaries

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 6:27 am
Top: Derek Marihart, 19; Kaitlyn Nosbush, 18; Bottom: Michael Schouveller, 18; Spencer Knutson, 18

Top: Derek Marihart, 19; Kaitlyn Nosbush, 18; Bottom: Michael Schouveller, 18; Spencer Knutson, 18

The Pine County Sheriff’s Office reports that a 19-year-old and three 18-year-olds are in the Pine County Jail for burglary and theft at The Cricket Liquor Store in Rock Creek, Tuesday, around 3:20 a.m. All four teens are from Pine City.

Pine County Chief Deputy, Steve Ovick, tells Red Rock Radio the teens could face up to eight counts of burglary, and says the office believes they may be involved with up to four other recent burglaries of area businesses. He called the theft a “significant amount,” but did not give an exact figure. The county attorney will determine the degree of the charges.

The teens are Michael Schouveller, 18, Derek Marihart, 19, Spencer Knutson, 18, and Kaitlyn Nosbush, 18. All four are due in Pine County Court late Wednesday or by noon Thursday, according to court adminstration.

Police continue to investigate the case.

The Cricket Liquor Store chose not to comment on the incident.

Log on to redrockonair.com for more information as it becomes available.

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  1. ian iversen 10/8/08 at 7:28pm

    put those punks away cause and they should rot in jail for all the stuff they did.

  2. Amber 10/8/08 at 8:47pm

    I graduated with these people they did do a bad thing and they deserve to do time but they are good people. This is a shock to all our friends. I believe they do you need to get a sentence but we all just hope that it is not really really bad and we feel sorry for the families and I hope things get better.

  3. bervin 10/8/08 at 8:58pm

    stupid derek

  4. dmk 10/8/08 at 10:00pm

    If you are going to comment on something, make sure you can spell. (Ian Iverson) Also, everyone makes mistakes. So who are we to judge these kids.

  5. d 10/9/08 at 8:00am

    I can not believe these guys! I know them, in fact, i was just hanging out with them this past weekend. DUMB is all i have to say! They have destroyed their lives, over what? Alcohol! How ridiculous! I feel absolutely horrible for their parents, i know if that was my child i would be absolutely heart broken!

  6. Liz 10/9/08 at 8:22am

    I happen to be Derek’s mother and yes what he did was stupid and he made the wrong decisions, but rotting in jail? What an idiot comment to make. Derek realizes what he did was wrong, regrets it and accepts that he will have to pay the price. I am extremely hurt and angry and comments like those do not help one bit. You should really think before you type.

  7. Tia 10/9/08 at 9:34am

    I am friends with all of these people and what they did was a huge mistake and they are obviously going too be doing the time for it and hopefully they are going to learn there lessson.. They are kids, you live and you learn. They should of known better then to do this multiple times but at least it is over now. They are all good people who just made really bad mistakes and they are going to have plenty of time and help too get there lives back on track.

  8. T.P. 10/9/08 at 9:50am

    I just have to say that people make mistakes. It is heartbreaking to the families and friends of these young people. Ian-you might have a child someday that does something that you are not proud of. These things can happen no matter what kind of family you are raised in. I am sure the parents of these kids are hurt,shocked, and embarrassed that their kids would do such a thing. Bad choice and hopefully they will learn from this and never do anything like this again. I know some of these kids, but know some of the the parents much better. I will not sit in judgement and no one else shoud either. They are great people.Everybody makes mistakes. Biggest lesson is to accept the consequences, realize it was a huge mistake and move on.

  9. a PC mom 10/9/08 at 11:18am

    I’m a mom, thankfully my child was not involved in this mess. I feel bad for the parents involved and my thoughts & prayers go out to the families. The kids are not bad kids, they made a very bad choice. Lets hope they learn from their mistakes, pay their debt to society and grow from this experience. Thank God nobody was hurt- everything they did can be made right again.

  10. The worm 10/9/08 at 11:22am

    Im down with Ian on this one. They didnt just break into one place it was 4 or 5. They knew what they were doing. Lock them up for a couple years.

  11. another PC mom 10/9/08 at 11:40am

    My heart goes out to the families involved in all of this mess and also the businesses that have suffered a great loss.
    I also personally know three of these kids. They are NOT bad kids. They made a big mistake.
    Kaitlyn and Derek were at my home the other night and we were eating chips and cheese and drinking pop. We had a real good visit talking and laughing.
    All of you who want to sit and judge these kids for what has happened better take a good look at yourselves. Have you never done anything wrong in your life? Probably not to this extend but how can you all point the finger and be horribly mean.
    I personally have had a couple of my own kids in a lot of trouble. It is NOT from the way they were raised it was due to bad choices they made.
    I truly believe these kids will really learn from this and become great adults.
    Instead of condemning them maybe we should all just remember them in our prayers.

  12. a PC mom 10/9/08 at 12:25pm

    You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. I agree with that, especially during these hard economic times. Kids of all ages, look to the parents, school, churches for guidance and I think that in a lot of areas this “village” of ours has let the children down. There are no choices for entertainment for them, Heck, there’s very little entertainment choices for their parents!! We have to go to other towns to see a movie- thank goodness a bowling alley will be coming back in town…For some kids, it means they’ll get bold & bored and do stupid things. I’m not saying THEY are stupid, but their actions. Let’s face it, most 18 year olds just don’t get that they are fallible.
    They’ll survive – they’ll hopefully learn and community service wouldn’t hurt them a bit. I feel bad for the parents, and families of these kids.

  13. LJP 10/9/08 at 1:11pm

    Yes, what these kids did was terrible. I know two of these kids and they are really good kids. Everyone makes mistakes, good or bad. No one is perfect. To Ian and the worm, must be really hard being perfect. It is such a relief to know that there are people out there who have never made a stupid mistake. These kids are going to pay the price for their mistake, have you? They came from very well respected and nice parents. Do me a favor, and give them a break instead of ripping on their kids.

  14. Nick F 10/9/08 at 1:29pm

    Ain’t that some stuff.

  15. bmnb 10/9/08 at 1:35pm

    i think whoever is judging these four kids needs to take a step back… you dont know them they happen to all be my good friends and kaitlynn is one of my best friends she has been there for me through everyting and she would do anything for her friends and family they did make a bad choice and they obviously werent thinking but they are very good people.. everyone makes mistakes it doesnt make you a horrible person!! and people need to realize this! everyone just needs to stay positive and pray for all four of them!

  16. Lizzie 10/9/08 at 1:37pm

    To “the worm” and ian iverson:

    Honestly, if you have hurtful comments to make to these families and friends keep them to yourselves.
    Did either of you personally know these kids?
    I did.
    ALL of them are good people and young adults who didn’t think of the consequences of their actions.
    Both of you need to think about what you say before you say it. Comments like yours are hurtful to the families and close friends of them.

  17. Autumn 10/9/08 at 2:13pm

    I went to school with all four of the teens in this case. I know they are not bad people. They just made a really bad mistake multiple times. Sure what they were doing was wrong. To the worm, have you never done something that you knew was wrong multiple times ever in your life. Everyone has done it at least once in their lifes. It may not be as bad as what they did but it has the same meaning. You do it just because you can. You know it is wrong but it does not totally register as wrong it much later or after you are caught. So I dont think anyone should judge them first till they look at all that you have done in your life. Look at all the dumb things kids do and that is still who they are. They are still kids just in a little bigger bodies.

  18. make an honest living 10/9/08 at 2:29pm

    They broke the law, they need to deal with the consequences, who cares what kind of family they came from! They are old enough to do the crime they are old enough to do the time!

  19. LJP 10/9/08 at 4:05pm

    To all those people out there that think they can do no wrong and are quick to judge people and label them, take a good look at yourself. Do you honestly believe that you have never done wrong? Sometimes good people make bad calls. I have been there, as well as thousands of others. The only thing we can do now is to hope that these kids have learned a valuable lesson now so that it will never be repeated again. If our justice system is as good as we are hoping, they will take into consideration that this is their first time offense. We are really hoping that they do NOT make an example of these kids. If they do, how about we make an example of the pedophiles and rapists out there. It seems that they are getting away with just a slap on the hand. What is up with that. If anyone has any negative thoughts, please keep them to yourself, as the parents and family and friends of these kids are having a hard enough time.

  20. DH 10/9/08 at 7:03pm

    I love u kate! But wat were u thinking!!

  21. LJ 10/9/08 at 7:47pm

    I read these comments, these are not great kids, and there are many other kids that grew up in the same area and did not even think to burgularize anyone. Don’t defend these kids to much, that’s the problem with kids today, no one holds them accountable, its some excuse.

  22. No victims please 10/9/08 at 8:28pm

    One time is a mistake. 4-5 times is definitely criminal. If they were not caught, when would it stop? What if it is was your house?

  23. ian iversen 10/9/08 at 8:35pm

    Just to clarify I’ve done stupid stuff and got in trouble with the law and I paid the price so I’m not perfect by all means so I think those little punks should do the time for all the things they did because they messed up a lot of peoples lives by destroying and stealing so if you don’t like what i say i don’t care cause there going away.

    Love Ian Iversen

  24. Parent not in PC 10/10/08 at 9:36am

    I posted this on another site also, but I don’t know if it will carry over to this one. I apologize if it posts twice.
    I think it is a good point to make about being from a good home and a family who cares. It is a wake up call for all parents to never “think” you know what your kids are doing. Investigate. I am a firm believer on going into their Myspace and watch their text messages. I go into my son’s computer and phone atleast 3 times a week. Of course he doesn’t know I have access. I suggest it to any parent to keep a close eye on your kids.
    Just because kids have a great home and a family that loves them, does not mean they can do no wrong.
    I believe justice will be served in this case and these kids will pay the price for what they have done, in more ways than one. I also hope that included in their sentence, there is some type of counseling for them.
    I pray for these businesses, these kids and their families, and your community.

  25. Rural American 10/10/08 at 10:52am

    First of all i know all these “Kids” very well. Yes, I feel bad for the familys, but they need to be held accountable for what they did. You keep calling them kids, well they arent kids anymore, they are adults, and are now finding that out. They are nice people and fun to be with but they messed up and now have to deal with it. There was people the warned they to stop and they didnt so its their fault.
    As far as Ian goes, he knows he isnt perfect and yes he has made mistakes in the past who hasnt. But Ian works his butt off for his money, and doesnt like people that steal. Specially cause his friend owns one of the businesses that they stole from, and one of the “kids” stole money from one of his friends and another one of them wrecked that friends four wheeler and they still havent seen a dime for it. So he might have came off mean but he has a reason to be mad. And if you dont like it then wait till your house get robbed and see how you feel.

  26. still shocked 10/10/08 at 11:34am

    I still cant believe what these four did. They’ve done some other stupid stuff in their lives but I would never have believed someone if they told me this was happening. And some people have been saying how great of kids they are. Well unless you hang out with them and know them please don’t leave comments saying this. Because they’ve been in trouble before and they know darn well what they were doing….they aren’t kids and the only way they might change is if serious actions are taken. If they weren’t caught they’d still be doing this stuff. Teach them a lesson.

  27. concerned citizen 10/10/08 at 11:35am

    I hope they rot in jail for a couple years. These are only the charges they have proof of so far. I bet there will be more charges following.

  28. pc homeowner 10/10/08 at 7:39pm

    How can anyone say what good kids they are? They were caught breaking into 4-5 businesses. Obviously they have been doing this for a long time. I hope that the Judge does make an example of them. Don’t even try to tell me for one second that this was the first time they ever did something like this. It takes a lot of guts and experience to break into a business. I’m sure that they started by robbing fish houses, cabins, houses, ect. We need to send the message that this will not be tolerated in our community. My house was robbed 5 years ago and let me tell you, it is a VERY violating feeling even after all this time. The theives were never caught unfortunatly. I was born and raised in Pine City and would have never dreamed of doing anything like this as a teenager or young adult. The way I was raised, if you wanted something you earn the money and buy it. If I had pulled something like this, my parents wouldn’t have coddled me or try to justify what I did. Actually if asked, Im sure they would have told the Judge to throw the book at me. It’s called “tough love” or “cause and effect” take your pick. I am so sick of people doing whatever they want, no matter who or how bad they hurt someone and an “I’m sorry” is supposed to suffice? Well I’m sorry, it doesn’t. And by the way, snaps to you Ian, for calling it like you see it!

  29. rural american 10/11/08 at 8:55am

    pc homeowner your totally right. they had people around them that got caught stealing and seen what happen to them, so they know what could happen. and they didnt just do it once it was multiple time, so call it a “MISTAKE” if you want to but it wasnt. they knew what they were doing. yeah everyone makes mistakes, but this was just plane dumb and if you have any common sense you wouldnt do it, knowing what could happen to you.i know it has to be hard being family going through it but you cant back them up on this or try to defend them.. the confessed to it so they are gulity and deserve it.

  30. closefriend 10/30/08 at 2:14am

    i talk to Kaitlyn everyday and know her friends very well, Kate is so disappointed in herself she says she is ashamed of what she did and thought she was invinsable at the time, she realized in jail how it was not even close to being worth it! And was just doing it for the adrenalin,not thinking about the ppl she was hurting in the process, she is voluntary going to teen challenge, a christian based treatment center, she will be there for thirteen months, she will most certainly learn her lesson there, those of you being negative, kate fully understands, but she has a great family who doesn’t deserve the comments that are being said She loves her siblings very much and she started to break down of the thought of her 13 year old very well behaved sister ever seeing this. so kaitlyn is a good kid with a good heart and made big mistakes and is learning without rotting in prison. sometimes you need to hit rock bottem before you can start making your way back up… Also i wanted to add that she has done much for the community such as helping coach 5th and 6th grade basketball, helping out a friend in need, spending time at the schools blc helping the teachers and students during her study halls, and ask any true friend of kaitlyn’s how well of a friend she has been, she has always been the friend you can call at anytime and she will listen to everyword you have to say, she has never looked down at anyone, and lit up the room everywhere she walked with her smile and comedy! So please don’t judge them if you don’t really know them… thanks

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